Forget the "Placard Prophet" on the street corner…

Most of us (here in America, at least) are familiar with the image of the stereotypical “Placard Prophet” on the street corner, wearing his big sign that says “The End of the World Is Near!” (And, of course, some of us have been accused of being one one of those guys…) But today, you can forget the guy on the corner and just read the headlines on our front pages…

Even the comic strip “Mother Goose and Grimm” is in on the action in today’s paper (though written in advance), as a doctor tells a smiling Mother Goose, “Good news, you’re as sound as a euro.”

(Some of those links above may require subscription, but I’m not sure.)

I modified the post I wrote recently about the game America is playing with its dollar for submission as a commentary on the Tomorrow’s World website, and it is currently up. Hopefully it will benefit from good timing.

(Actually, an interesting editing observation I just noticed: In going to that blog post to get the link, I noticed that I had accidentally written “as will” at the end of a sentence instead of “at will” (now corrected). Thankfully someone in Charlotte caught my slip, but it was corrected to “as well” instead of “at will” I’m glad that someone is there to help clean up our writing, and I certainly won’t fault them for not reading my mind! 🙂 )

Will the U.S. find its way out of its deepening financial morass? I won’t pretend to know. Without deep and broad national repentance, a time is coming when the situation will be irreversible, but only time will tell if this is a storm or the storm.

Until it does, Ezekiel 3 & 33 require us to speak of what God says is coming, and so we will, regardless of how things seem on the surface. But admittedly it is a bit easier with headlines like these (and besides, the straps on my giant placard were beginning to hurt my shoulders…). God warns that, like ancient Israel, when we are fat, dumb, and happy, we tend to look to Him less (Deut. 8:10-17), so perhaps news like this will get some to looking beyond man’s natural illusion of self-sufficiency. We can only hope.

One thought on “Forget the "Placard Prophet" on the street corner…

  1. We can only hope, Sadly the ancient Israelites didn’t hear God when the prophets spoke, I am less inclined to think that modern North American’s will hear God in the headlines. As you said, we can only hope.


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