Quick Quote from the Past

Howdy, all! Just a quick entry, today. I had been listening to one of Mr. John Ogwyn’s Bible studies from back in 2000, and I heard one of the things he had said back then that lodged in my brain. Having stuck with me for so long, it was nice to sort of re-experience the moment I heard it, so I thought it would be a nice quote to put out there for greater consideration (emphasis mine):

I think one of the clearest principles from Genesis to Revelation is nobody ever permanently gets ahead by putting God last.

His comments immediately after elaborate:

It just doesn’t work. That’s not the way to get your life in order – just to leave God out and sort of fit Him in after you’ve got everything else fixed. Number one, you never get it fixed, and you never find a spot for Him! You run out of time, you run out of money, you run out of everything before you get to God if He’s the last one on your list. But the amazing thing is that if He is the first one on your list, everything else falls into place.

Sometimes we hear things we have heard before and our brain just doesn’t take note. Then, one day, we hear it again, and for whatever reason — personal circumstance, the way it is put, the environment at the moment — it hits us differently and sinks in more deeply. Mr. Ogwyn was commenting on Matthew 6:24 and the following verses at the time, and — for whatever reason — when he spoke the sentence quoted above on June 6, 2000, it hit me differently, though I had surely heard the same principle countless times before.

Unexpectedly hearing it again today was sort of like stumbling upon an accidental treasure, especially since I have been meditating on some thoughts today that are very much related to that idea.

I hope your day has been a good one, and I hope that all of us are getting better at putting first things first.

2 thoughts on “Quick Quote from the Past

  1. This is why during the 1980’s, I never invited my financial planner to speak at church.

    She wanted to talk about planning strategies (and probably hope to recruit new customers, too) — but she said in an early meeting what so many financial know-it-alls like to say when it comes to money: “Pay yourself first.”

    Wrong. Pay God first. (And even second.) Methinks Mr. Ogwyn would have said the same thing.

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