I know, Ripley would have yawned. But still…

A quick link today, for the economics-minded geeks out there.  Not exactly worthy of Ripley’s Believe It or Not!, but a randomly entertaining oddity for some (a small some to be sure).

From the blog Strange Maps comes the interesting observation that Japan looks like it’s Phillips Curve.

Again, I didn’t promise something incredibly interesting to everyone, right?  Still, surely at least a small set of you out there appreciate the feeling one gets when doing a task and discovering a random coincidence that on one hand, entertains you immensely and makes you want to share it, yet, on the other hand, is so arcane or useless that you realize there are only a handful of people on the planet who would find it similarly interesting.  In cases like that, the drive to share the “interesting” fact probably reveals more about the revealer than about that which is revealed — which I have perhaps done with this post, I suppose. 🙂

Now, if the curve had looked like a religious figure — you know, like the Virgin Mary or Elvis — that would be something…

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