Jacket required (but skip the tie)

Just a quick note to say how THRILLED I am to have to wear a jacket in the evenings these days!

I was looking forward to what my wife and I call “Feast-weather” during the Feast of Tabernacles, but frankly it was rather warm (pleasant, but warm, nonetheless).  Living in Texas, we never felt like we were really getting four seasons — just two (summer & winter) with all-too-brief transitions between them.  We were beginning to worry about having a fall, but the lower temperatures recently have been a treat.

The fall weather may have arrived late, but I won’t be turning it back.  I only hope it is pleased to dwell with us for a while!

One thought on “Jacket required (but skip the tie)

  1. I hate the weather around here. “Six months of summer and six months of cooler weather”, most of that humid — and I hate humidity at any temperature. Now if it were actually dry, I could get used to it. I count myself a desert rat, but I sure ain’t a swamp rat.

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