Dan Bartlett Visits the Woodshed

I used to be more of a political news junkie than I am now, and I am a big Peggy Noonan fan–both for her insights and what I’ve read of her approach to public speaking, even if she is a committed devotee of the guy in the pointy hat. Not everyone in this blog’s usual audience will be interested in reading this (and I certainly don’t want to turn this website into yet another political blog), but those who keep a closer eye than most on politics and are familiar with some of its names might be. In her article posted online in the Wall Street Journal’s OpinionJournal website last Friday (Oct. 12), Peggy Noonan really takes Republican operative Dan Bartlett to the woodshed. And her conjecture concerning the odd behavior of the Republican party these days is worth a read, as well.

For our political junkies out there: The GOP’s 20% Problem.

3 thoughts on “Dan Bartlett Visits the Woodshed

  1. Greetings, Brian, and thanks for the compliment!

    Though, I’m not sure why you would be surprised. Being apolitical, we’ve expressed criticism of leaders in both parties. I can think of numerous times when Mr. Roderick Meredith, in particular, has criticized the current administration — respectfully, of course, and rooted in God’s Word. Regardless of who’s in power — Republican, Democrat, or Martian — God’s principles remain the same, and no political party on the scene seems to have figured out that no one gets to be first by putting God second…

    Thanks, again!
    Wallace Smith

  2. We in God’s Church should (and generally do) operate by the old adage:

    When Democrats are in power, man exploits man.
    When Republicans are in power, it’s just the opposite.

    I do think that the Work of Philadelphia has an inherent weakness in confusing merely human “conservatism” with Jesus’ admonition to “hold fast what you have” (they are not at all the same thing), and so some of us in that Work are more apt to support whoever seems to be holding the political center-to-right.

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