Gotta love those long search strings

I noticed just now when I checked my blog stats (instead of going to bed like a good boy) that someone had found my blog by going to and searching blogs for the phrase (without quotes) “what is it called when you fight with a thin sword”.

I popped it in myself and, voilà!, there at the top of the list was my blog entry on “My struggle with the word ‘pacifist’.” Really, you have to love those long search strings! You can try it yourself, but (1) you have to search blogs not the web in general, (2) rankings often change as posts grow old and cold and (theoretically) less relevant so it may not be there anymore, and (3) I take no credit or blame for anything else you come across in that search!

On one hand, it was fun to see someone assumably in the UK–though not necessarily so–click to my blog as an accidental find (which happens on occasion), and I hope that he or she found the post to be beneficial. (Actually, all this international stuff reminds me: the blog stats page frequently indicates to me that someone out there is translating this blog into Japanese. I’d love to know who you are!)

On the other hand, the poor fellow or señorita certainly did not get an answer to his or her question in that post. Can anyone out there help our UK searcher out: What is it called when you fight with a thin sword?

7 thoughts on “Gotta love those long search strings

  1. Ed Ewert

    I tried this on searching all the web, and there it was, right at the top!

    I also tried it using, which is the search engine I usually use, and it didn’t show up in my top 100.

    A better search might be: “types of swords”; or “fighting style” swords

    What is it called when you fight with a thin sword? Perhaps fencing is the word being looked for.

  2. As it happens, I have firsthand experience at “fighting (and losing) with a thin sword (fencing)” — one time, at a Renaissance Faire. It convinced me that this side of the Kingdom of God, there’s just no way you’re going to get me to fight with any kind of weapon whatever. (So could someone explain why I still have such a fascination with swords and knives?)

  3. Leona

    I agree with Ed that it could be “fencing” that the searcher was searching for. Although, in fencing that “thin sword” is called a “foil”. Could “fencing” be mistaken for “foiling”? Or could building a fence be called “foiling”? Hmmm…. This post generates many questions. 🙂

  4. I would agree with everyone so far. Fencing seems to be the desired term.

    I loved fencing in college, although I was horrible at it. I was in the fencing club during that brief time my freshman year before I began keeping the Sabbath.

    Though I was worse at it than I was at the foil, I loved every moment I spent sabre fencing. That was fun.

    I suppose we could be off in our answer to the question — after all, shouldn’t we always check the context?

    For instance…

    Q: What is it called when you fight with a thin sword?

    A: Well, if you’re at a gun fight it’s called “a bad idea.”


    Q: What is it called when you fight with a thin sword?

    A: It depends: If this is your first fight with the sword, it could be called a “spat” but if you have married the sword and this is part of a worsening pattern between you two, it could be a “serious domestic disturbance.”

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