Cruel Fate…

If I am going to get my body back into the shape it ought to be in, I really need to eat less macaroni and cheese.

Yet, my wife makes the best macaroni and cheese in the known universe.

That just seems wrong.

7 thoughts on “Cruel Fate…

  1. Howdy, Dad, and thanks, but…

    (1) Sometimes, students do surpass their teachers, else civilization would never advance. (No slight to Mom intended…).

    (2) You will notice that I had to censor that bit of vulgarity at the end of your comment for our sensitive readers. For such a breach of decency and etiquette, I’m afraid that you will need to do some penance: fifty “Gig ’em Aggies” ought to do it…

    Give our love to our folks in Texas tomorrow at services (after you have washed your mouth out with soap, that is).

    Son-in-law #1

  2. Both of you should be grateful that you don’t have to add the desserts of Barbara M. (Houston) to the meal with any regularity. The International Astronomical Union would have to catalog you two as dwarf planets. 😉

    Her mac & cheese is pretty terrific too, a good thing because her son LOVES mac and cheese.

  3. Howdy, Miss Merrilee!

    I will certainly ask her — though I will wait a bit, as it is 1:00AM and she, unlike me, is wisely snoozing.

    I greatly suspect that she will feel a bit embarrassed that I have been on the internet gushing about a dish that she will consider an uncreative no-brainer. 🙂

    But what can I say — she has learned to cook according to her husband’s tastes! Thankfully she does not unleash her full culinary talents on me, or else I would be three to four times the size I am now. (She used to be the main donut, cake, and pastry maker in a Czech bakery in Texas — awesome kolaches…)

    She will most likely want to e-mail it rather than post it (and I do have your address) — I will endeavor to ask her tomorrow. Meanwhile, if I keep talking about it I am going to raid the fridge before going to bed… Definitely a wrong turn in my path of trying to create a smaller me. 🙂

    Take care, and thanks for writing. I hope you and Mr. M had a great Feast!

    Warm regards,
    Wallace Smith

  4. Craig

    Not into macaroni. I can only think of the gooey-yellow Kraft non-food stuff that poor university students exist on. Anything would be better than that!

    Because of this I do spaghetti. Six different spaghettis, at least six sautéed ingredients in the sauce (including my own dried organic tomatoes), garnished with parmesan & yellow cheddar, chives and green onions. Served with salad and Merlot. Best spaghetti in the known universe (at least travelled by warp 9 starship).

    Even the dog loves it! 🙂

  5. Uh, Aggies versus Longhorns? I tend to judge teams in Texas by the hurricane evacuation routes they are assigned. It’s rumored that (at least when they’re caught out by the weather in the Houston area) the Aggies get I-610 Loop East, while the Longhorns get I-610 Loop West. 😉

    Go Astros! Go Rockets! Go Houston! 😀

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