Blessed with a trickle of e-mail

How nice!  I expected a deluge of e-mail today (my first official hitting of the “Send/Delete” button since right before the Feast of Tabernacles), and I have been pleasantly surprised to receive only 151 e-mails.  I had been checking my e-mail sporadically throughout the Feast in the event there was Festival-related business in my Inbox–which there was on occasion–but if the e-mail did not seem directly related to the Feast I generally kept my hands off.  It just seemed un-Feasty to spend time going through my e-mail each day seeing how much time I spend during “real life” doing that.

Perhaps I only have 151 e-mails because many of my more frequent e-mailers were just as busy enjoying the Feast as I was.  Or, perhaps no one loves me anymore.  (For my peace of mind, I will assume the former…)

2 thoughts on “Blessed with a trickle of e-mail

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