Belgium: poster child for an “iron & clay” Europe?

A happy hat tip to Mr. John Wheeler who passed on an article concerning reactions to the difficulties Belgium is meeting in trying to form a national government. Long divided internally between the Dutch-speaking Flemings and the French-speaking Walloons, the nation has been unable over the last three to four months to successfully create a national government due to the differences among its 11 political parties.

Commentator Jonah Goldberg sees the difficulties of Belgium as symbolic of the difficulties of the EU and admits to taking a good bit of delight in the political mess that has resulted. Belgium, he notes, is the home of the EU’s capital of Brussels and is more heavily invested in the dream of a united Europe than most other countries. Fellow commentator Kevin Drum on CBS News’ website doesn’t see the humor or irony in the situation and questions Goldberg’s insights. Both of their articles, Goldberg’s essay & Drum’s reaction, can be found here:

Personally, I think Mr. Goldberg’s commentary is worthwhile. Drum makes good points, too, but they do not seem to me to counter Goldberg’s insights like he seems to think they do.

Such difficulties were prophesied more than two thousand years ago, when Daniel recorded the details of Nebuchadnezzar’s dream, in which a great image portraying a succession of powerful, dominating governments stood upon feet of iron and clay — picturing the final such government that would be destroyed at the coming of Jesus Christ and the establishment of the Kingdom of God (Daniel 2). The fact that the feet were formed of iron and clay symbolized, in part, the fact that the elements of that government would not mix well and that the union would have a tenuous, “forced” unity (verse 43). That forced unity will involve a great false religion (Revelation 13:2, 11-15) which will use the civil power & authority placed at its disposal to persecute the true saints of God (Rev. 13:7).

One thought on “Belgium: poster child for an “iron & clay” Europe?

  1. I hope you make an article or commentary out of this Catch-22, Mr. Smith. Talk about prophecy being fulfilled before our eyes. (I’m glad that I was able to pass the second article on; Yahoo Alerts did its job for me in finding it, as expected. Ain’t technology grand?)

    יוחנן רכב

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