How was your Feast?

Hey, look! Who put a blog here? 😀

I noticed on the stats page a few moments ago that the hits on the blog picked up again right after the Feast (after dropping to anemic levels during the Feast!). Sorry I am only now getting to it! My family and I just got in from Branson late this afternoon, then spent the rest of the day unpacking and going out for a nice, lazy, fast-food, “welcome home” dinner. Then for the past hour-ish we’ve been watching a bit of TV and vegging out. A little pleasantly passive decompression, if you will. (By the way: A present need for decompression does not imply a negative past experience. Just ask Jacques Cousteau! Well — ask him after the resurrection, that is…)

Life should return to normal tomorrow, and the to-do list is already growing. But thankfully, that is one of the benefits of a well-spent Feast of Tabernacles: recharged spiritual batteries! I gave the sermon this last Sabbath as a guest in Springfield and spoke about the motivational Feast of Tabernacles described in Nehemiah, the passionate “commitments” made after that Feast, and the pitiful lack of follow-through on the part of those who made those “commitments.” Personally, I don’t want that to be my story over the next year, and I want to be in a different (better) place spiritually on October 13, 2008 — the Opening Night of the Feast of Tabernacles next year — than I am today. And tomorrow shines with the beauty of a clean slate and a fresh start!  [And many thanks to RS for pointing out my error with the year — even fresh starts can have a bump at first!]

Our Feast was fantastic. To say it wasn’t stressful would be untrue — as a freshman Festival coordinator in a first time location, I certainly found it to be a lot of work! Yet, at the same time I really believe that — ultimately — all of that only added to the great blessing that I think this Feast was for me and my family. We got the chance to work more closely with some truly wonderful people in the various departments and to get to know them in a way that I doubt I would have been able to had I not been the coordinator. And working with my assistant coordinator and getting to know him and his family better was a real blessing, and he did an amazing job — I really couldn’t have functioned without him. The messages were very helpful and inspirational, and Branson is a great place for the Feast. Whether or not God places His name there next year, I’m thankful that He placed it there this year.

While we received what seemed like an endless stream of positive comments about the Feast and the site, a number of helpful criticisms were received, as well, and everyone who gave any feedback at all has my thanks. While I am grateful to God that the Feast in Branson went so wonderfully, I also learned a great deal about how we could have made it even better for those attending there. Should God decide to have us there again, hopefully we can put those things into practice. As great a Feast site as Branson was this “freshman” year, I can only imagine how great it could be next year!

I will save the details for the write up in the LCN. Suffice it to say that my family and I had an inspiring and energizing Feast of Tabernacles, and our hearty thanks go out to all who helped it to be so: to those who served so selflessly to fulfill their duties (and more), to those who attended and who so radiantly displayed the fruit of God’s spirit (fruit which the staff at the Hilton told me they noticed on multiple occasions!), and — most of all — to our Great and Merciful God, to whom all credit, honor, and praise are due. My family and I grew in our joy, in our fear of God, in our closeness to each other and to our brothers and sisters in Christ, and in the clarity and intensity of our vision of His coming Kingdom. What more can we ask for in a Feast?

I may write more in a post or two in the near future, but it seems best to leave it at this for now. Besides, I’m tuckered!

So — how was your Feast? 🙂

5 thoughts on “How was your Feast?

  1. Glory Talbott

    Many in Newport, OR had a wonderful Feast of Tabernacles 2007!! I think it was my and my family’s best Feast ever! Definately in a Spiritual sense it ranked high:)
    I am glad Branson was nice. I went to Branson for the Feast back in 98. It’s a nice place to be…but anywhere is really wonderful with brethren and where God places his name. We will pray for all the Feast sites for next year!

  2. Alex


    Great to hear from you! Our Feast was great. But Different…. It was nice to be able to share the experience of my parents first international Feast (Barbados)…. even though Jenelle and I went last year. It was different to hear my father speak again at the Feast (first Feast with parents since we’ve been married) …. and very different when your involvement is not so behind the scene. We really enjoyed the warmth of the caribbean brethren, even though we were already familiar.

    I trust everyone else had a great feast experience too!

  3. Priscilla B.

    God’s mercy is truly great!
    Have been inspired to read your post,”How was your Feast?”When God puts His name in a place where we could celebrate and worship Him, it doesn’t really matter which site we are. God’s Holy Spirit will be evident in the way we inter act with one another and He pours out abundantly His agape on all activities and inspires His servants all the more to give their messages far beyond what we expected and thus we come home truly inspired and spiritually recharged that no matter what the obstacles are waiting for us. He provides the spiritual energy and strength to face them with grace.
    May God bless us all!!!!

  4. Our Feast in Myrtle Beach was extremely relaxing and rejuvenating. I loved the spiritual conversations and the Kingston Plantation setting was nice and helped me picture the millenium. (I guess it doesn’t take much for me!) Your fellow ministers provided excellent sermons and sermonettes, and I finally got to experience the Feast in a tent! OK, so it was a NICE tent, but still…

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