“The worst part is behind me!”

We are gearing up to leave for our Feast site this morning, and Boy #1 is beaming.

He says to me, giddy, “The worst part is behind me!”

Me: “What was ‘the worst’?”

Boy #1: “Trying to sleep the night before we leave!”

Wherever you and your family are going for the Feast of Tabernacles, may you have a safe trip and a wonderful Feast!  May we see the reality of Christ’s coming Kingdom all the clearer for the days we spend together over the next couple of weeks.  And may the time that this Feast pictures — the glorious Millennial reign of Jesus Christ and the saints on earth — come soon.

Warmest regards,
Wallace Smith

2 thoughts on ““The worst part is behind me!”

  1. Alex


    That is always the hard part for me too, even for my 27th feast. 🙂

    I pray that everyone has a safe and spiritually filling and invigorating Feast.

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