Last word on Phil

Howdy!  Just wanted everyone to know that Phil has arrived!  Oddly enough, I had agreed this morning on the phone with the delivery company for a delivery date of next Monday, September 10.

True to form, there was no call ahead of time saying that they would be in the area.  Thankfully, though, we were here.

I was all excited about putting him to work, but I know it has been a traumatic trip.  I think I will leave him in his box.  He is probably comfortable there and will be able to wind down more easily.

Now, if they show up next Monday with another filing cabinet, I’m going crazy.

4 thoughts on “Last word on Phil

  1. Shana

    Just a suggestion…Phil will probably be more useful if you remove him from the box. If you remember back a few posts, I think you were boasting to your children about how clean and organized you would be after he arrived. I think you mentioned within a week and they scoffed. Hmmm.

  2. Actually, I should add that on the same day that Phil arrived unexpectedly, my mother, step-father, and step-sister arrived very non-unexpectedly (or, I guess, expectedly!) on their way back to Texas to stay for a couple of days. Consequently, I knew that taking Phil out of his box would be fruitless, as I figured they would be a bit upset after driving 12-13 hours only to sit and watch me play with my new filing cabinet.

    They are leaving tomorrow morning, and life here at the Smith household should return to normal. (Or at least our version of normal.) So by tomorrow evening, it is my plan to have Phil philled with philes.

    Shana, you have my permission to check up on me and keep me honest. 🙂

    — Wallace Smith

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