Let us sing of teeth and filing cabinets…

Howdy, all —

Some of you have been curious for some updates on a couple of matters, and I don’t want to disappoint.  (Though I do hope that you are not spending Labor Day in front of your computer.  I’m not!  I mean, not counting right now, of course…)

  • Boy #2’s root canal.

    Things went very well!  He got home later that day with a slightly swollen upper lip (the work was being done on his left-of-center top front tooth) and a bit of a reserved demeanor.  But he warmed up quicker than I thought he would that day, and all has gone well since.

    He will be going back right after the Feast for a follow up, and then every three months for maybe a year.  The one complication is the fact that at his age the roots are not necessarily “closed” — something which happens as we mature.  (Actually, the dentist was concerned that his original injury might prevent the closing, but this is apparently no longer much of a concern.)  Consequently, the work will need to be revisited until the root does close.  What they have done for now is pack the now nerve-less space with medicated material (I’ve had this done to me before–medicated gauze in my case), which will be removed and repacked every three months until the root is closed and the space can finally be permanently filled.

    He did not need a crown and his goofy smile is unchanged.

  • Phil’s perilous voyage.

    Phil remains far away.  The delivery company has had difficulty in contacting me, apparently because during the month-plus we have been waiting to receive Phil, our phone number changed when we changed phone services.  I had thought I had given them my new number, but that may have been the office supply company and not the delivery company.

    By the way: Some of you are unaware of one element that may make Phil’s delay seem a little less unusual (if, still, a poor reflection on one or both companies involved).  While we live near St. Louis, we do not live in a very populated area.  When we were transfered to serve in this area, I wanted to be located fairly centrally to my congregations.  As a result, we are very near to no one and equally far from everyone.  🙂  The area that seemed most central was somewhat sparsely populated (we’ve got a Wal-Mart nearby, but then again, who doesn’t?) and isn’t high on many delivery companies’ “frequently visited” routes.

    It’s not an excuse for the delay, but perhaps an explanatory element.

    [Actually, after we moved here and I added all the addresses of everyone in my congregations to my MS Streets & Trips program, I did “center of mass” calculation one evening based on everyone’s latitudes and longitudes to determine the demographic center of my area.  I found that it was just down the street, fairly close to us.  A geeky task, I know, but I will admit that is one thing I do miss about my old career: spreadsheets and number crunching.  I wouldn’t trade my current career (seems odd to call it that) for the world, but I do find myself coming up with little reasons here and there to do some spreadsheet or database work, just for kicks.]

Well, those are my updates!  Those of you who have been praying for Boy #2’s tooth — or, for that matter, Phil’s safe arrival — your efforts have been appreciated.  Take care, and enjoy your Labor Day!

One thought on “Let us sing of teeth and filing cabinets…

  1. My then-pastor Mr. Walden and I were looking for a new hall in my neighborhood, as I am at the demographic center — and I mean almost *precisely* at the demographic center — of the Houston congregation. We failed to find a new hall, but that didn’t stop Mr. Walden from quipping during announcements the next time he spoke here, “Well, brethren, we’ve found a new, centrally located meeting hall…it’s in John Wheeler’s living room!” 🙂

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