A boy always remembers his very first root canal…

Well, as I write this, Boy #2 (eight years old) is in the middle of his very first root canal — a consequence of his “dental adventures” this past winter which I briefly alluded to in a post many (eight-ish) moons ago.  So, Mom is with the boy at the dental office, while the other three boys and I are home where I am making a late breakfast and trying to finish some work before we gear up with some Sabbath preparations.

Last night, Boy #2 was very anxious about the procedure and kept asking the same question over and over: “What’s it going to feel like?”  It was a hard question to answer, even though I have enough experience to do so having had (approximately) 148 root canals, myself.  I found that the experiences were not all the same, and in my case they were complicated because I have rather twisted roots (did I actually open that door?).  So I reassured him the best I could, as did his wise mom.

I think it helped.  This morning he was actually pretty chipper, but I think it was his “brave face.”  Still, it was a good brave face, and I am impressed with the little fellow.

One thought on “A boy always remembers his very first root canal…

  1. Glory Talbott

    I am glad your son is finished with that procedure!
    Our daughter (firstborn) is almost 8. So far, she hasn’t had a root canal. Phew!
    I hope you all have a lovely Sabbath! I am going back to reading news online or maybe another one of your blogs?

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