Phil, the Hostage

After yesterday’s post I feel almost compelled to update.

Phil continues to be held hostage.  I have been waiting a month (almost: July 30) since I purchased the filing cabinet, and the comedy of errors that prevents Phil’s delivery seems to continue unabated.   I would mention the names of the companies involved, but I want to give them the benefit of a doubt — “These things happen,” and that sort of thing.

However, a very diligent sounding employee of the office supply company is now on the case, and I should be hearing from her again shortly.

Again, my apologies for another Phil-related post.  An update just seemed obligatory.  😐

2 thoughts on “Phil, the Hostage

  1. mike

    They are afterall, a business who’s business it is to conduct their business with efficiency and timliness. (A month…well I could have Mailed you the parts in envelopes individually and you put it together with your own blow torch and tool set in a month…) I believe a discounted price is in order for you grievances, and or, take your business elsewhere. There are plenty of businesses who’d love your business. Or if you need someone with a truck for delivery I am available

  2. If this were a pizza I ordered recently, you’d get Phil free of charge. That thing went all over the place because of a mixup (by several drivers) between North, Bartlett and South Blvds. in this neighborhood. In their defense it should be said that the way the trees hide the signs on Greenbriar, it’s almost impossible to find the right side street on the first shot unless one has experience.

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