Some Secular Prophets

I have had a number of links passed my way that relate to the path the Israelite nations — the U.S. & U.K. — seem to be treading according to some “secular prophets.” Here is a smattering…

The first of these I will pass on comes from reader “Amar” who sent a Google Video link to a 60 Minutes piece on David Walker, the Comptroller General of the U.S. at the Government Accountability Office. For those of you familiar with this man’s work and presentations this video will not be a surprise, but for others this might be the “Wake Up Call” that Mr. Walker hopes it will be.

Here’s a link on the 60 Minutes website, itself. Highly recommended viewing (if anything, because it uses the phrase “actuarial nightmare”). Check it out:

(Note: The original Google Video link Amar sent me had the downsides of (1) having video and audio out of sync, (2) being ultimately an ad for Ron Paul, and (3) lower resolution. But it had the benefit of not needing Real Player (worthy benefit, indeed!). I found a cleaner Google Video copy of the piece here, possibly posted by the Concord Coalition. Thanks, Amar!)

I should note that I am a fan of the Wall Street Journal, but in their position on these matters I suspect that Mr. Walker is on the right side of the issues at hand.

For those who wonder where the sub-prime whirlpool (that enormous sucking sound coming out of Wall Street) may eventually lead, here’s another secular prophet of doom: economist Peter Schiff. I came across his article after following the link at another blog. I would love to give the blogger credit, but the blog does not come to mind. If I remember it, I will try to add a “credit where credit is due” mention.

The article, from the Australian, is here: “US a paper tiger, says doomsayer.”

(My own comments on the whole sub-prime mess I will reserve for another time. I will say here that anyone who was aware of all the bad loans being created and who is surprised by this turn of events has been in fantasy land with the door closed. In fundamental economics, one learns that there is a risk-return relationship. Apparently, some forgot the “risk” side of that…)

Last in this potpourri is a piece of “future fiction” from the UK’s Daily Mail, noticed by HS and passed on through Mr. Davis. It presents one person’s view (the article says it is a “historian” of how life might turn out for Britons under the new EU constitution treaty.

Here it is: “Britain ‘sold down the river’: what life under the EU treaty could be.”

No one in any of these presentations explicitly mentions related Biblical principles or prophetic expectations, and I do not think that all will turn out exactly as each of these “secular prophets” foretell. But I do believe they are on to something, and for students of Bible prophecy many Scriptures and warnings will come to mind.

I would encourage any reader who is interested in understanding what the Bible says about where the U.S. and the Great Britain are headed to order a copy of our free booklet, The United States and Great Britain in Prophecy. Click on the picture below to read an HTML version of the booklet or click here to order your own free copy. The Bible is much more specific about the destinies that our nations are choosing than you might think.

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