Change is good (but bills are better)

I hope everyone likes the new WordPress theme I chose for the blog.  I have wanted to switch to this one for a while but was waiting to find a picture to use instead of the default bridge you see above.  Then I realized that the bridge fit in nicely with the “Thoughts En Route” title, so I decided to stick with it.

(Of course, if that picture were actually taken in our part of Missouri these days, then the trees would be on fire and the water would be boiling away.  Yesterday it was 105°F, although today a cool front apparently came through and it only reached 98°F.  I thought I escaped this Texas weather when I moved north…)

OK, break time for the office troll is over!  Let me know if the theme change is a boon or a bust.  After all, I’m trying to serve, and they’re your eyeballs…

10 thoughts on “Change is good (but bills are better)

  1. 105? And here I thought we in Houston were doing badly with 101 (although with the heat index, it felt like 109).

    I haven’t been in weather like that since I lived in Tucson, (save for the occasional stopover in, say, Yuma).

  2. Deano

    Hey Mr. Smith,

    I like the new format/look. Bridges are cool, they provide a way from here to there.

    Adios for now, Deano

  3. Ed Ewert

    The picture is very nice. It caught my eye immediately. I’m trying to remember what was there before, but I can’t! Whatever it was, it certainly was not as eye catching as this.

  4. The picture is great. We are moving into the fall season, and we look for cooling temperatures. All here have FOT fever. Hope to see you all tomorrow.

  5. Alex

    Hid-didly-ho there Mr. Smith!

    I like the change, the picture is nice as well – I was going to give you the benefit of the doubt as having chosen it.

    As far heat goes we’ve be getting about as much a you have… mid and high 90’s with index approaching 110.

    Take care and happy Sabbath.


  6. amar

    New theme is fine, but I hate (love less by comparison) the new WordPress format (version update??).

    The first thing I do is increase the web page by 150% to appease my aging eyes. Unfortunately, now your page will no longer resize properly on any of my three browsers:
    1. Maxthon Browser… will not resize at all. It always has resized perfectly in the past.

    2. Firefox Browser… now makes a mockery of the effort by increasing the text and decreasing the column size. (This occurs on the new WordPress and a few other sites also)

    3. IE7… Resizes text, but disembodies other elements (smiley faces, Icons…) and causes them to float to places they do not belong. Generally I dislike IE7, and it is my least used browser.

    I am sure WordPress would claim not to discriminate by race, creed, or age… but my eyes would take exception on the latter.

    I imagine all of this is outside of your control, but thought you might like to know. Thank you for so many insightful thoughts presented on your site.

  7. amar

    Mr. Smith,

    This an off topic aside… I thought you might find interesting.

    Check out this 60 Minutes report with America’s Controller General, David Walker. He is a secular voice crying out in the wilderness. It serves as a compelling and authoritative warning for “It’s the economy stupid” crowd, as well as for all involved.


  8. Amar, try increasing just the text size in IE7 (just click Page > Text Size and the appropriate size). That should take care of the problem you mentioned before. It magnifies the text without changing anything in the layout.

  9. Craig

    This was a surprise. Immediate impression—very calming. Great picture…very “zen like” (in the sense of a Japanese Garden). Looks real good on a Mac. Cmd+ in Safari bumps the text up one size, making it easier to read, but the smaller text looks better from an esthetic design view. Overall nice.

    However, I did like the old page. The blue matched the LCG site and it provided a real psychological link for me that you are a part of a greater work. In their continuing improvements, perhaps LCG will try a format that more closely matches you now. LOL.

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