My new favorite hospital lobby decoration…

I was visiting someone at the hospital earlier today and something in a decoration in their lobby caught my eye — actually at the very center of their otherwise nice looking artwork, where a doctor is depicted looking at an X-ray photo. I snapped a picture with my (prehistoric) cellphone camera and will try to display it below…

Mutant Human Ribcage


(A) this hospital serves mutant human beings with 15 ribs,

(B) this hospital specializes in “rib addition” cosmetic surgery (“…and we’re proud of it, too!”),

(C) this hospital is trying to warn us that reptilian lifeforms from beyond our galaxy have begun infiltrating our population centers in a plot to take over the world — and THEY’VE GOT THE PROOF!, or…

(D) this hospital examined Adam after his rib was taken to create Eve — AND originally Adam had 16 ribs, but due to the world being subject to futility and the generally “spiraling downward” nature of human health and fitness over the millennia, we have lost four ribs.

Now that I think about it, the list above may not be complete. I’m sure you can think of additional possibilities, but I will leave it at that for now. Just thought it was funny! (But I hope the fellow I visited there counts his ribs before he is discharged. You know. Just in case.)

9 thoughts on “My new favorite hospital lobby decoration…

  1. Does (A) imply this is an illustration from “How To Serve Man” (“it’s a cookbook”)?

    Considering what artists – including sculptors – have done to harps, lyres and other musical instruments (EVEN IN MUSICAL CONTEXTS), in their alleged portrayals of the same over the centuries, perhaps it’s not too surprising that a sculpture in a hospital misrepresents the human body in this way.

    Another possibility is that there’s an ancient and universal conspiracy among fine artists to drive other artists (and other specialists) crazy through such intentional “errors”.

    There are no doubt a few insightful people who claim that the latter agenda has already been achieved.

  2. Merrilee

    “How to Serve Man” the cookbook — that’s hilarious! Unless, of course, we’re on the menu. OK, stratch that…not so funny. =]

  3. What's Up, Doc?

    Actually, the caption should be:

    “Staring at the fossilized image of an ancient trilobite, Dr. Jones begins to realize just how little he and his colleagues actually know about the wondrously complex mechanisms of life.”

  4. I’m glad someone else thought of (and actually mentioned) the trilobite resemblance.

    “It’s a cookbook” was the very last line of a science-fiction short story called “How to Serve Man” — and of an episode of THE TWILIGHT ZONE based on it. Therein, aliens based on the pig archetype had come to earth promising to solve Earth’s problems (“We are here to serve man”) — and doing so — all the while fattening humans for the slaughter. The manual owned by all the aliens was entitled “How to Serve Man”. The humans (while translating a stolen copy) found out that the aliens’ language had a number of puns in common with English — including…(drum roll)…

    The computer-animated movie MADAGASCAR features an “in-joke” related to these sources: a book plainly labeled “How to Serve Lemur”. (“It’s a cookbook! IT’S A COOKBOOK!” screams the panicked lemur holding it.)

  5. Of course, there is the “How to Cook Humans” / “How to Cook For Humans” / “How to Cook Forty Humans” / “How to Cook for Forty Humans” sequence in a Simpsons episode. And I do remember the Lemur scene. 🙂

  6. Deano

    Call me crazy but the first thing that pops into my mind when I see this thing is some kind of crazy venus fly trap dealy job.

  7. triviaman

    My favorite hospital lobby decoration is a sign posted on the wall that said: I’d rather have a bottle in front of me, than a frontal lobotomy.”

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