Constantly changing numbers! It must be important!

I know some of you out there will be interested in the “World Clock” website that Mr. Wheeler sent to me today.  You can find it here at this link…

It’s chock full of all sorts of constantly changing & updating figures, from a count of illegal immigrants entering the US to deaths from digestive diseases, along with various buttons you can click to change the length of time considered and other variables.

Pretty neat!  And with a name like “poodwaddle,” it’s gotta be accurate!

Although of limited usefulness, clocks like this do serve a real purpose if they are understood in the proper light.  For a good blog entry on that “proper light” as well as some links to additional “world clocks,” check out the WSJ’s Numbers Guy blog entry of June 28, 2007, here.  (Which follows up on his WSJ print article, here — which, in turn, may require a subscription, though I do not think so.)

One thought on “Constantly changing numbers! It must be important!

  1. Dear Mr. Smith,

    Thanks for pointing out the assumptions and limitations of a “clock” like this — and for pointing the readers to another that does. I thought there was much rotten in the state of Denmark when I saw the estimate of “global warming” (out to umpteen decimal places). The obvious question with that and other extrapolations on the clock is how do we know what’s going on, let alone what’s causing it?

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