Temporary Disruption Ahead for Some of My Readers

Howdy, all!  Those of you who access this blog by going to http://www.wallacegsmith.com (or “.org”) will eventually notice a temporary disruption in the coming days as I move things around in order to begin providing additional resources at that website for my local congregations.

Once the changes are made, the blog will still be accessible from that address.  There should be a “public” area on the page that will allow you to click through to the blog.  (There will also be a password protected “private” area with resources for the members of my local church congregations.)  So you will still be able to access the blog from there, as long as you are willing to endure the agony of an extra click.

Note: If you access this blog by going to https://wallacegsmith.wordpress.com, then you will notice nothing new at all.  And those of you receiving RSS feeds also should experience no disruption at all.  I think most of you access the blog in this manner, so you should have no problem.

Just a “heads up”  🙂

What are you thinking?

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