ST Article: “I am both Muslim and Christian”

Submitted for your consideration: “I am both Muslim and Christian” — an article in the Seattle Times by reporter Janet I. Tu, apparently published 6/17/2007, about a woman who is both an Episcopal priest and a practicing Muslim.  (Thanks for Mr. Davis & Mr. Bowmer for passing it along.)

The woman, Ann Holmes Redding, claims to be “100% Christian and 100% Muslim” — a claim that only makes sense when you realize that she has defined being “100% X” in her own way.  (Of course, I could claim to be “100% parrot and 100% cheddar cheese” if I am allowed to define what those words mean in my own way.)  How one can remain an Episcopal priest in good standing and make such claims — blatantly denying the deity of Christ, etc. — is beyond me.

Anyway, I will leave my comments at that (at least for now).   As I said: submitted for your consideration.

3 thoughts on “ST Article: “I am both Muslim and Christian”

  1. Ed Ewert

    I read about this when the news first came out, and wondered if she would be suspended as a priest, since it seems almost anything goes in the Episcopalian church, such as having homosexual and atheist bishops. She has been suspended for a year, to think things over, so I guess even the Episcopalians have a limit to what they will tolerate, though I suspect if her Bishop was one of the more liberal ones, he would have protected her.

    I’ve been reading about how things are going with the Anglican/Episcopalian church over the past year, since some prophecies concern Protestant churches in the end times. The massive Anglican South has given the Episcopalian (the USA) church until Sept 30, 2007 to shape up (they won’t!) by ending their liberal ways, and returning to traditional Anglicanism. Otherwise, there is to be a parting of the ways between them (which is to say, the Anglican church could lose 80% of its members worldwide at that time). So I’m watching to see how that will turn out.

  2. Alex

    Hello Mr. Smith!

    This is not a new phenomenon… compare it homosexual or “pro-choice” Catholics. Only now are some realizing that in order to be a Catholic in good standing – they must acquiesce to the church’s will.

    A good reminder once again that we don’t get to get to define Biblical Religion (2 Timothy 3:5 and 2 Timothy 2:19) – and that if we want to associate ourselves with the Creator God, we have to do it his way (a la Matthew 4:4).

    Have a great week, everyone!……you too Mr. Smith. 🙂

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