We’re back in Missouriland!

We got in this morning at a cheery 5:00AM!  I did most of the driving this time, although my wife allowed me a crucial 2-3 hour nap as we drove through Oklahoma that made the rest of the trip survivable.

Though we got a bit of sleep this morning, I’m sure I do not have to explain that it doesn’t feel sufficient!  So this blog entry is going to stay super short so as to prevent it from degenerating into a series of unintelligible, animalistic grunts and snarls.

Still, it is good to be back.  I did a lot of meditating during this trip on things I want/need to change and on some key actions I need to take, and it feels good to be home where I can start acting on those thoughts.

Grrrrr… Mmmrahr, grrrrrr…  OK, it’s starting.  I’d better end here.

(By the way — this post represents my first attempt to use Windows Live Writer to compose using an offline utility.  So, if anything goes wrong, we can blame Microsoft.  It’s a burden they are used to shouldering, anyway.  Grrrrrrr…  Oops!  Gotta go!)

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