I offer you: “Strange Maps”

As I mentioned in my ink-is-still wet previous post, I don’t have much to offer in the way of substance today.  As a substitute, let me introduce you to another site that some of you might find interesting.

The blog “Strange Maps” routinely publishes, go figure, strange maps.  For instance, today’s is a map of the State That Never Was: Sequoyah.  Apparently there had been a plan to make Oklahoma two states: Oklahoma and an American Indian state called Sequoyah.  Check it out here.  Included is a summary of the related history, including the influence Sequoyah had on what became the very singular state of Oklahoma.

The Strange Maps blog (click there to visit current entry) routinely comes up with gems like these, and while it doesn’t appeal to everyone, there are some of you out there who I suspect will want to keep an eye on it.  Another recent nugget is this Inverted World map (land for oceans, oceans for land).  And here’s one of my favorites: a world map with the size of each nation distorted according to the country’s population.

Check it out!

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