He’s alive… HE’S ALIVE!

Wow!  Writing on the blog again feels a little like that first drink of water right after the Day of Atonement!

My apologies for being out of contact for so long, but the time has been well spent.  My scripts definitely could have benefited from some “prior proper preparation” but the taping seemed to go well — and, as always, it was a total pleasure.  Our crew is so much fun to work with, and it’s a great privilege to get to do so.  Mr. Bowmer and Mr. Ames were a big help, as well, as I struggled to get my act together in the days leading up to taping.

I think I learned a lot this time, and any future scripts I write should benefit from this round of work.  At least I hope so!  I know I’ve still got so much room to grow, and I can only hope that that “room” is getting filled up, however slowly.

As I have said before, I love being in Charlotte.  Every trip there is a joy.  But seeing my family again — that was a real joy.  We’re still not home yet, since we are spending a few days here in Waco, but at the same time we are home.  Home is any place we are all together.

I know that this entry doesn’t have much in the way of substance, but I really do need to close here.  I’ve got to leave in an hour for a meeting in Georgetown with Mr. Sena, with a few things to do before that.  And tomorrow I may not blog much, either, as I am going to do my best to devote the day to the celebration of “Wife Day.”  Things have been so hectic recently that our anniversary came and went almost two weeks ago without our being able to do much in the way of celebrating it.  So, tomorrow, I will take advantage of my wife’s awesome family — who have agreed to watch the kiddos — and take her on an actual date.  Last time I tried something like that here, it turned out a bit poorly.  We went out to the River Walk in Waco, the location of our very first date, only to find that river seemed to have collected an impressive number of dead fish.  (“Chanel introduces Rotting Fish Carcass — The new smell of romance.™”)  This time I am aiming at something in which I have a greater measure of climate & atmosphere control…

Still, I had to take at least a moment to let you know that I have, indeed, returned safely from Charlotte and that the Smith family is reunited.  (Yep.  All I did was type the word and the song’s in my head.  Peaches and Herb, one day vengeance will be mine!)  The Smith Family World Tour is slowly but surely coming to a close.  Well, I suppose it isn’t much of a “world” tour: Dallas, Waco, Charlotte, and back to Missouri.  But it’s our world!  🙂

Take care,
Wallace Smith

3 thoughts on “He’s alive… HE’S ALIVE!

  1. Michael Bios

    Hi Wallace,

    You answered a question for me once and I thank you for this.

    I have another question

    One of my sons said to me that he was perplexed that if God created man why did Christianity start only 2000 approx years ago? and why did Muslims, Buddhists etc. start there religions before this.

    Wouldn’t God have had a Church from the beginning?

    I don’t feel qualified to answer this and would appreciate your assistance.

    You previously encouraged me to start the Bible study course which I have done and it is incredibly fascinating. I was not that interested in History and only a little in current affairs in the past and now find my self reading about histroy and looking for the articles in the newspaper that confirm prophecy. It is mind blowing stuff!

    Warm regards, Michael Buis

  2. Greetings, Michael, and it is good to hear from you.

    I am very glad that you began the Bible Study Course! And while I am not surprised, I am glad that you are finding it helpful.

    You son has asked a good question! It is one I remember asking myself and one my children have asked. It is also one that will ultimately be addressed in the Bible Study Course you are studying, but still, let me try to address it here.

    It is important to keep in mind that God is working out a *plan*. And in that plan, He is not simply trying to “save” humanity — He is also trying to teach humanity.

    At the Garden of Eden, man made a choice: to live *his* way, as opposed to living God’s way. Well, history has written the lesson of that choice: man’s way is not good enough and he needs God’s help. In fact, the Bible says that it will eventually get so bad that “unless those days were shortened [that is, by Christ’s direct intervention at His second coming], no flesh would be saved [that is, saved alive]” (Matthew 24:22). Mankind — addicted to making his own choices according to what is right in his own eyes — will bring itself to the brink of extinction and cosmocide. In giving mankind 6,000 years since Adam’s choice at the Garden of Eden, God is giving mankind the chance to see the fruit of ignoring His laws and ways.

    But, still, why did Christ only come 2,000 years ago? Why didn’t He come, say, when God gave the 10 Commandments?

    The time leading up to Christ’s first coming served to teach an important lesson, too: That it is not enough to have God’s laws and ways — you also need His *Spirit*.

    At Mount Sinai, Israel had been given God’s laws. They heard the Ten Commandments spoken by God Himself (actually, by the being John 1:1 calls the Word, who became Jesus Christ). Yet, after Israel told God they would keep His laws, God was moved in His heart to say, “Oh, that they had such a heart in them that they would fear Me and always keep all my commandments, that it might be well with them and with their children forever!” (Deut. 5:29). God knew that without a spiritual change of heart — that is, without the indwelling of His Holy Spirit — it was a only matter of time before mankind would stray from the right and narrow path onto the broad path that leads to destruction. Israel’s examples were written for our benefit (1 Corinthians 10:11).

    So we see that even in the history of Israel, we have God teaching us. God is allowing mankind to prove: it isn’t enough to use your own reasoning and choose for yourself what is right, like Adam, and it is not enough to have the right way handed to you so that you may attempt to keep it out of your own personal will and strength, as was the case with Israel. There must be a true surrender to the God of the universe — a real repentance — followed by the giving of His Holy Spirit, which is His essence, His mind, His power and nature. For while the death of Christ reconciles us to God, it is His LIFE, now, that will save us (Romans 5:10), as He lives His obedient life in us through the presence of His Spirit (Galatians 2:20) — more and more as we live and grow, overcoming our fleshly nature through the power of His Spirit.

    So then, Christianity was not started at the very beginning because God is not trying to save all humanity now. Not that He is abandoning anyone — far from it! The Bible talks of an age to come, after this one, in which all who have ever died in ignorance of the truth will be resurrected for their opportunity. (I was going to list some Bible verses about this here, but there are too many! We have a great booklet about this: “Is This the Only Day of Salvation?” Like all of our literature it is free, so you might consider ordering it!) In *this* age, God is calling a relative few to be in His Church (e.g., 1 Cor. 1:26-28), who will serve in the Millennium in His Family as Kings and Priests, teaching the whole world — at *that* time — of this wonderful way (e.g., Isaiah 30:20-21, Revelation 5:10, 20:4-6; 1 Cor. 6:2).

    Until that time, God is allowing mankind to reap what man sows — the fruit of man’s own choices, man’s own religions, and man’s own decisions about what is right and wrong. Sometimes, as human parents, we have to make similar decisions: allowing our children to persist in their wrong choice so that they can learn through experience what they refused to learn by instruction. Meanwhile, God is training a small group of people now that he has called out at this time, to lead and teach the world in the Millennium, when mankind will have learned its lesson and will be more willing students, with men saying to each other, “Come, and let us go up to the mountain of the LORD, to the house of the God of Jacob; He will teach us His ways, and we shall walk in His paths” (Isaiah 2:3).

    I know that is a long answer, Michael — sorry about that! I’m a bit tired after a busy day, so I think I am being even more wordy than I usually am! Still, those are the basics: God is not calling the whole world now. He is calling a small few to train in His way, so that in the Millennium — after man has learned the horrible lessons that come from choosing to go his way instead of God’s — Christ and His newly expanded family will be able to teach a more receptive mankind the way they had rejected for the previous 6,000 years. Then His family and Kingdom will expand, again, eventually filling the whole earth and growing without end (Isaiah 9:7).

    I hope this has been helpful. In addition to the “Is This the Only Day of Salvation?” booklet I mentioned above, you also might consider requesting our booklet “The Holy Days – God’s Master Plan.” It is a very helpful booklet that explains the entire scope of God’s plan as laid out in Scripture, and it would equip you to answer questions like this one out of your own Bible.

    Take care!

    Best regards,
    Wallace Smith

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