Quick Hits – 20070708

Howdy! I don’t have time for one connected, sensible blog entry today. But I’ve had so many little thoughts that I wanted to blog on over the last 24 hours that I thought I would just do some Thoughts En Route Quick Hits™ (also know as “Too Lazy To Actually Structure My Writing” Bullets™). First, my apologies to those whose comments have been sitting in limbo. When I was finally completely settled in my hotel room, suddenly the wireless connection began acting funny. (Even this post is backdated to when I wrote it and saved it so I could post it later.) Hopefully you have noticed that your comments are now up.

• The plane ride from DFW to Charlotte (on US Air) was great. I love flying! I got a little insight into myself there on the flight, but since I would rather speak on that in non-Quick Hit fashion, I will save that insight for a blog entry on its own (hopefully later today). [EDIT: “Later today” did not happen. — WGS]

• So now, I am in the hotel. And I have learned something here, too: Apparently, when a hotel’s “Guest Directory” says, “Ice machines are located on 1st, 2nd and 3rd floors,” it really means, “Ice machines are only located on the 1st floor.”

• While wandering earlier tonight looking for the mythical 2nd floor ice machine, I could not help but notice that the 2nd floor is populated tonight by what seem to be some angry people who like to use “colorful metaphors.” And in different rooms, too. As I walked around ice machine hunting, I had the chance to hear many colorful metaphors as they were spoken loud enough to be easily heard in the hallway. I was beginning to wonder if everyone was watching cable television, but it all sounded “live.” (And if they had just been looking for the ice machine, I can at least sympathize.)

• There was a time in my life when the prospect of going out to eat for every meal sounded like a dream come true. Now, I see a fridge in the hotel room and I get excited because I can make a Wal-Mart run and get some groceries. Maybe I’m growing up.

• Or maybe not. My groceries were mainly yogurt and Dr Pepper. And a pony.

• Texans may note that I accurately left a “.” out of “Dr Pepper,” though I am not always so careful.

• Concerning our brief trip to Dallas: It was delightful. Thanks so much to all of you for making me feel like I had never been gone. My wife, the boys, and I thought it was *great* to see y’all again, and I look forward to the next time! Our visit was more of a delight than I can adequately describe — spiritually profitable for us, as well. Really — thanks so much.

• Concerning my current trip to Charlotte: I am so excited about being in Charlotte again! For those of you out there who keep God’s Feast of Tabernacles (one of the feasts of the LORD, Lev. 23:2), you know how it feels at the Feast when you get to see people you love that you only see once every year or so. Well, though I suppose going to Charlotte may eventually grow to seem “old hat,” for now it still has a bit of that Feast-feeling for me. I really like the folks here, and even if it’s only a chance to see some of them working in their office or walking in the hall, it’s still sort of neat.

• My two scripts are in need of so much work! I do believe that they will be finished in time, but it will definitely be a Zech 4:6-styled intervention if so (of course, that’s what we want, anyway, but I don’t like to be in that spot due to Matt 4:7-styled mismanagement of the time God’s given me).

• Speaking of the scripts, I was working on one of them while on the plane today (sitting in seat 6E) when, coincidentally, one of the passengers in front of me (in seat 5F) was reading the paper (Dallas Morning News) and a tiny subtitle of a letter to the editor in his paper caught my eye because it related directly to the script I was working on. (No, I wasn’t trying to be nosy; Yes, I actually was being nosy.) So, when he finished that section, I tapped him on the shoulder and asked, “Excuse me — I know this request might seem odd or rude, but do you think I could borrow that section of your paper to write down a quote I noticed that relates to something I am writing?” Then, of course then he sprayed me with mace and called the air marshal over to discuss how I should not be stalking other passengers.

Oh, wait, that’s not what happened. Rather, he was very nice and said, “Sure!” in a genuinely interested tone. When you’re on a crowded plane, it’s nice if your neighbors are neighborly!

• And speaking of scripts further still, I think this list of Quick Hits has cleared the fog of my brain a bit (and helped me close some mental loops) so as to allow me to get back to work on them. I love both the booklets that I want to offer with these two scripts this week, and I hope the messages that I am putting together to accompany their offers will be profitable for our viewers and help them to see how helpful these books would be in their lives. As always, your prayers are requested!

[EDIT: That’s all I wrote! My laptop is currently connected to the internet here at the hotel and I am about to leave for dinner. Hopefully the connection won’t disappear tonight like it did last night, as a connection is helpful for ad hoc research during script development… Thanks for putting up with this fairly random post, and I now return you to your regularly scheduled surfing…]

4 thoughts on “Quick Hits – 20070708

  1. “Colorful metaphors”? 😉

    Don’t tell me. STAR TREK IV: THE VOYAGE HOME was the source for that phrase. You really *do* like STAR TREK, dontcha? 😀

    (Of course, I’ve just given myself away as a major fan of that movie. It’s the best STAR TREK movie ever made, IMO, precisely because — in the best “The Trouble With Tribbles” tradition — it doesn’t take itself *too* seriously despite its overall serious themes.)

  2. Howdy, gls, and I’m not going to argue with you! Definitely easier, indeed.

    I do have my reasons, however (don’t we all — a la, Jean Renoir). The current WordPress theme I am using (“Contempt”–not a statement about my state of mind, thank you!) does not actually show the bullets when you use the bullet function. Consequently, I have used literal characters instead of the formatting option in order to force their appearance and bend them to my will.

    Of course, I know that when the inevitable comes and I change themes to one that *does* show bullets (or something like bullets) (“Something Like Bullets” …now *there’s* a name for a band!) (Augh! I need some sleep!), I will end up with many “double bulleted” posts. But, I will take Scarlett’s approach on that one and think about that tomorrow…

    Still, your public outting of both my compositional inefficiency and my quasi-obsession with format control in one short, simple sentence is simultaneously very much appreciated and very humiliating in the healthiest of ways. 🙂

    Thanks for writing!

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