Quick note from Dallas, Texas

Howdy, and happy Sabbath!

I am trying to wrap up my sermon for tomorrow and thought I would take a quick blog break to clear my brain a bit.  I know some of you who check this blog live in Dallas, Texas, so if you happen to check it tomorrow morning while you are grabbing your news, etc.,  know that I am excited about being there for services tomorrow!  (In fact, in less than nine hours!)  It seems as though it has been so long–of course, because it has.  I think the last time we visited the Dallas congregation was Thanksgiving weekend 2005.  Hopefully you are interested in one of those hang-out-in-the-meeting-hall-and-gab sort of post-services activity, because that sounds good to me! Rare visits like these can often be frustrating, because you want to see everyone and yet you never get to spend as much time as you would like.

Meanwhile, I hope all is well with you, today, my Missourians and Illinoisians!  (OK — both of those words are total guesses.  There is no way that “Illinoisians” is correct.  Come on–comment and help me out!)

Also, I have had a chance to talk to a friend of mine this week about finally creating a private website for our congregations and everything looks as though it will be very easy to do (And free! I like free!).  Once I get back from taping and meetings in Charlotte, I plan to begin putting things into place.  For those of you who access this blog by going to the http://www.wallacegsmith.com (or “.org”) website address, that will be down for a little bit while various changes are made.  (Although, this blog can still be accessed at its “natural” address of https://wallacegsmith.wordpress.com during that transition.)

Currently, the plan is to create a home page that will have public links (such as to this blog and to the LCG website and the Tomorrow’s World website) but also some private links (such as calendars of events, speaking schedules, prayer requests, and some original material from me and our two hard-working elders) accessible only by the members of our congregations that will be helpful in supporting our work here in Central and Eastern Missouri.  Any thoughts or suggestions would be welcome!

Well, it’s back to the sermon.  I do hope all of you have a profitable and meaningful Sabbath–that you will delight in the gift of it as much as the Father delights in giving it to us.  Take care!

Warm regards,
Wallace Smith

12 thoughts on “Quick note from Dallas, Texas

  1. kildrum

    With only a minimal chance of rain today, it looks pretty much like a normally bright and sunny Sabbath Day in Dallas with below average temps.

    But why is everything – I mean, everything – so green?

    Because since you’ve been gone we’ve been busy collecting all the water we can get…

    That’s why!

  2. Anonymous

    Mr. Smith,


    noun 1. a native or inhabitant of Illinois.

    Missourian is correct.

    Im glad to hear that camp went so well for you first-timer organizers!

    You said:

    “also, I have had a chance to talk to a friend of mine this week about finally creating a private website for our congregations…Currently the plan is to create a homepage that will have public links []such as this blog…but also some private links…any thoughts or suggestions would be welcome!”

    I think it is a great idea! I don’t know why every congregation doesnt have one. I think original content from the LCEs is another wonderful idea! Of course, a link to the pastor’s blog is just unethical…just kidding!! It’s all great thinkin’.

    I would add that I believe that a discussion forum (or blog) is a good way to unite pastor and lay-people. It is a easy way to address the concerns they have (as pastor) and to get everyone involved, as well as get feedback. It has numerous other advantages as well. It is something to think about. I am very willing to work with you however I can. 🙂

    I know from experience that Yahoo Groups is _very_ easy to set up.

    Best wishes on your website, and your trip to Charlotte, and HAPPY SABBATH!!!


  3. Wade

    A little clarification, if you don’t mind. Once your new website format takes affect as noted above, will that mean that those of us who are not in one of your congregations -and who currently access this blog site – will not be able to access your new blog/homepage thingy? Or (I always have many “or’s”), will you keep your blog as-is and set up a second homepage for just your congregations? I ask this because I know of several people who really enjoy visiting and reading your blog, and if it goes away and is included in your congregations website, we’d be really disappointed. But, that’s the way it goes some times, and we’ll understand (well, “accept” anyways!) your decision. Thanks, and we look forward to seeing you guys soon!

  4. Wade

    Well, I should have read your posting more carefully! You did mention that your new website will have “public links” (like this blog) along with private links, just for your local congregations. Whew! What a relief!

    Off subject, recently you were back-handing glitter and all that it stands for. Well, last week at work one of my co-workers celebrated her birthday by “sprinkling” (it was more like throwing in the air and just watching it land where it may) glitter in various folks cubicle (I assume these were people she was on friendly-terms with). This stuff was settling into all kinds of cracks and crevices – keyboards, coffee cups, ferns! The static electricity on the computer monitors even caused the glitter to attach to it! What, in your estimation, would cause a completely normal individual like her to erupt in such destructive behavior?! Can the false allure of glitter cause the most sane people to just crack like she did? What say you?

  5. Got glitter? 😀

    Sorry I can’t suggest anything more meaningful, but it sounds as if you have some very good plans already. I’ll just sit back and enjoy the results (and profit from them, as always).

  6. Merrilee

    Illiwhatians? Good guess…Illinoisans and Illinoisians…I’ve seen both & been called neither until now. We Chicagoans are called names with less letters. =]

  7. Sorry for the delay in showing these comments! I will add a new blog entry in a moment to address why it took so long. But they’re up now, if you didn’t notice. And if you’re reading this, I assume you’ve noticed. 🙂

    — Wallace Smith

  8. Howdy, Anonymous, and thanks for writing in.

    I’m glad you think it is a good idea. I don’t know why “every” congregation doesn’t have one, but I do know why we haven’t had one up until now: (1) having the time to devote to considering it and looking into the technology (however relatively primitive such technology is today!), and (2) the fact that the net added value needs to be considered. On the latter part, this new website will be a more efficient way of doing what we already do, but it will do little that we do not already do in other ways (at least at first). In that sense, sometimes having an website like this one will be could be a *less* efficient means of doing things, or may add little to no value. In our case, I think it will be helpful.

    As for discussion groups and blogs, I would not say they are the same thing (and the surely-never-in-error Wikipedia would agree with me on that), although the comments section of a blog entry can serve such a purpose in some blogs. However, the best way for a pastor and his congregation’s members to discuss things in a two-way fashion is still face-to-face, phone-to-phone, etc. (I suppose I should add avatar-to-avatar in this day and age for you IMers out there!) As far as I’m concerned, nothing has been invented yet to beat the “circle up the chairs” post-services discussion, or the “let’s talk over coffee this week” meet-and-sip. (The drawback of the latter being, for me, the presence of coffee. But it seems no one wants to talk over a Yoo-hoo…)

    Thanks, again, and have a good Sabbath, yourself! 🙂

    Wallace Smith

  9. Anonymous

    Mr. Smith,

    Thank you for the kind words. You said:

    “As for discussion groups and blogs, I would not say they are the same thing…”

    Basically, agreed. However, a discussion group is better for discussing things than comments on a blog, which might take a while just to appear 🙂

    I wonder how many of your readers (in LCG) would be willing to participate in an online discussion group, where you can have an entire coffee shop full of brethren, all on your computer screen? Perhaps to discuss spiritual things?

    LCG has several official discussion groups already. For those on one of them, are they effective at all?

    If you are interested, let Mr. Smith know, and *maybe* at the next GCE he can toss ideas around with fellow elders, over yoo-hoo, of course. 🙂

    Thanks. 🙂

  10. Howdy, again, Anonymous.

    I’m glad we agree! 🙂 Actually, some of what you’re saying I cover in my Comment Policy. My blog is not intended as a “poor man’s” discussion forum and, you’re right, blogs in general are ineffective for such things, depending on the kind of “discussion” one wants.

    I’ll let others speak to the effectiveness of our forum sites, though in my experience they seem well used and appreciated (no I’m not single, but I have checked out that forum once every blue moon ever since being invited to comment on something there).

    However, it has been my experience that internet/e-mail savvy members are already doing a great job of keeping tabs on each other and and e-chatting about all things e-chattable. Besides, any additional official forum would need active moderation. As unmoderated forums are just a bad deal all around, since they tend to bring out those simply looking for a new soap box to peddle their bitter wares, and for the moment we don’t have the manpower for that. And if it is a matter of communicating with the ministry or HQ, a broad, general forum is actually one of the least effective ways of doing that compared with all the other means currently at our disposal.

    Thanks for the post!

    Best regards,
    Wallace Smith

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