No, the ticks did not carry me off…

A big “Howdy!” to those of you out there who wondered if I would ever return!

The pre-teen camp last week seems to have been a great success, chiefly due to the experience of many on the staff and their willingness to serve, the abundance of campers we had this year (it seemed a bit large to me compared to previous years’ attendance records), and God’s great mercy, which was evident numerous times over the course of the week.  The assistant director, Mr. Lovelady, and I have many ideas about how to improve the camp for next year and to help craft it into an even more effective tool in God’s hands, and we hope to meet before the end of July, perhaps, to discuss such things while the experience is still fresh in our minds.

Things have been a bit crazy since we pulled into the driveway yesterday afternoon, but crazy in a nice, getting-back-to-normal sort of way.  The kids got back into their schoolwork today, and I have been wading through e-mail and making appointments to address my backlog of contacts (those interested in the church who have requested a meeting).

In fact, I’ve got to run out the door in about 15 minutes to get to my first appointment of the week, but I could not help myself from coming online and dropping a quick note to those of you who have been checking the blog to see if we had gotten back.  We have indeed, and I will try to start writing again soon!

Take care,
Wallace Smith

One thought on “No, the ticks did not carry me off…

  1. Ticks…normall I would not recommend the comic strip “Liberty Meadows” to you, but I think I will prepare a PDF “binder” of a recent series and e-mail it to you. You will relate, I am sure.

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