A logic lesson during dinner

An excerpt from tonight’s enlightening and educational dinner conversation…

[And no, we don’t believe in vampires.  Or werewolves.  Or seamless socks.  And “Papa” (pronounced “paw paw”) is the kids’ word for each of their grandfathers.  We do believe in grandfathers.]

     Son #3: “I hate onions.”
     Dad: “Well, Papa loves them.”
     Mom: “Onions keep vampires away. Like garlic.”
     Son #1: “So, onions keep away vampires?”
     Dad: “They must.  I’ve never seen a vampire bite Papa.”

As you can see, logic reigns supreme in the Smith household!  You can’t argue with reasoning like that.  It’s never too early to teach rigorous thinking skills, you know.

2 thoughts on “A logic lesson during dinner

  1. papa

    I may never have been bitten by a vampire but the aggie intruder was much worse and onions did nothing to keep him at bay! dad

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