It is so sad that I relate so well to this…

…and hopefully I am not alone.

I’m not normally a giant fan of the comic strip “The Duplex” but the one published Friday (6/8/2007) sort of hit home.  It was rather like one of those moments when you read a passage in Proverbs and think, “Wow–was Solomon looking over my shoulder?”  Only, it was not quite as deep or meaningful an experience.  And it involved a comic strip.  About a dog.

The strip can be viewed (as of 6/9/2007) here:

I can take some comfort in the fact that the dog toy of choice for me is usually (though not always) more meaningful and productive than just entertainment.  But at the same time, at the end of the day (the literal end of the day, not the overused business-lingo “end of the day”) when I look back and feel that, truly, little has been accomplished, too often the diagnosis is that I spent more time on X when the real need of the day was Y.

But David Allen seems to have some words about that, and the things I have implemented even recently seem to be freeing me from the clutches of the dog toy.  (I am currently reading his time/life management classic Getting Things Done.)

Meanwhile, if you related to the comic strip as well, feel free and leave a comment that will make me feel better.  If you think I meant that I literally chew on a dog toy, then please don’t leave a comment.

4 thoughts on “It is so sad that I relate so well to this…

  1. I understand exactly how the dog feels, if not quite for the same reason the author or you might have in mind. We all get distracted by different things…in my case, anything from some useless but absorbing Internet video to taking infinite pains to refine a musical sound file containing one of my original compositions. (That last is what’s been taking so much of my time this past Friday and Sunday. Yes, you would say that is getting something done, but it isn’t getting done everything that needs to be done.)

    Right now I’m more worried about the bees dying off. I was just thinking about how irrelevant (and how useless) a lot of our technological chew toys would become if that and certain other things our LCG Commentaries have been talking about happen.

  2. Craig

    Your blog is going to the dogs! LOL

    One wonders what it would have been like to hang around Jesus Christ like one of the disciples—just to observe. If the Bible tells us anything about the details of Christ’s life, it has to be that He was always driven by priorities—the correct priorities! I cannot conceive that He ever let “dog toys” interfere with His mission. It is sobering to realize how poor I am at following in His footsteps.

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