I really am alive! I am! Really!

Howdy, all!

Wow — I haven’t posted for almost a week!  For those of you who were concerned that I had dropped off of the face of the earth, thanks muchly for your concern, but I am still here. 🙂  Pre-teen camp and hospital visits have really dominated my time over the last week.  In fact, they will dominate my time for the next three weeks (pre-teen camp, chiefly; hospital visits, hopefully less so!), so I suspect that new posts will be equally few and far between during that time.

And it’s a shame, too, because I have come across so much in the news lately that I would like to write to you about!  Perhaps I can find three minutes here or there to at least post a link to a news item that caught my eye, but regardless I hope you will be forgiving.  My schedule is going to impact my ability to moderate comments, as well, so please forgive me for longer-than-usual delays before your comments’ appearances.

I will, however, add a new post as soon as I wrap up this one.  Someone had asked me a question concerning an old post of mine on Proverbs 20:30 (found here), and I said some things in my reply that I thought might be good to post separately.  The question was a good one, and which might come up from time to time for those who practice corporal punishment with their children.  So, I hope to put that up a little later.  Otherwise, I will continue to focus with laser-like intensity (or the best version of such that I can muster) on preparing for our soon-coming pre-teen camp, as well as visiting some Missouri hospitals.

Thanks for your patience!

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