Great Clip of Microsoft’s Surface Computing from PopMech

Wow!  I know some of you out there have already heard about this, but it is the first I have seen of it (not counting an early scene in the sci-fi movie “The Island” which matches this almost exactly).  BL passed this on to me today in an e-mail (thanks!), and as busy as I am (and neglectful today of my blog), I couldn’t help but put post it, as I knew some of you would love to see it yet may not have.

You can follow this link to the Popular Mechanics video:

3 thoughts on “Great Clip of Microsoft’s Surface Computing from PopMech

  1. Mike Dorothy

    That looks amazing. I saw one other thing on a multi-touch screen a while back and they mentioned the one big problem is software. It’s really cool that they can get it to sync with other hardware like wireless devices, but having input like that will bring huge challenges in making sure software doesn’t just balk at random combinations. I’m definitely not saying these obstacles can’t be overcome, but i’m very interested in finding out what direction this new form of interation with computers takes us.

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