Fantastic Article on Pornography

I was speaking with my good friend in our editorial department today about my “Sex Age” commentary (the earliest version of which appeared here) and how it might be used in a future edition of the magazine, so the topic was on my mind when — lo and behold — the “random” article offering on the Living Church of God website was Mr. John Ogwyn’s 2005 article on pornography.  After taking a look at it, I realized that much of what I said in my commentary was said by him in that article, only it was said much better, more clearly, and much more powerfully!

I offer it here as some reading for this Sabbath to anyone concerned about where our society is going with its sex obsessed culture — just click on the title below to read the article:

Pornography: Pleasurable Pastime or Toxic Threat?
by Mr. John H. Ogwyn

The tags I’ve chosen for this post reflect the content of the article — as opposed to this post, itself, which is really just sort of an introduction, isn’t it? 🙂

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One thought on “Fantastic Article on Pornography

  1. No comments about this wonderful article? Here’s a couple.

    What is it about sex that makes almost any perversion of its intended use so addictive?

    I wonder how many get sucked into pornography because they start thinking (only to discover the fallacy too late) that bad sex is better than no sex at all?

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