Startling Evidence: iPods to become obsolete

Howdy, all!  Between recovering from camp, hospital visits, and pre-teen camp work, blogging has fallen on the backburner.  Sorry about that.  Apologies, as well, to those whose comments have been delayed, as I have had to catch up on my moderating, as well.

However, I couldn’t help but take just a little time out today to make this startling announcement — surely to give this blog “you heard it here first” bragging rights.  I have incredible, hard evidence on hand (actually, on this very desk, right here next to my left hand) that Apple’s much celebrated, market-dominating iPod is about to become completely obsolete, to be replaced by some as-yet-unnamed successor to the throne.

What is this hard evidence?

The iPod I bought for my wife yesterday on the way home.

I figure, if we own one, then it absolutely must be going out of style.

(If you must know, it’s black.  Maybe there’s hope for the white ones.)

In other news, the “To Do” list for the remainder of the day still looks rather intimidating.  I was hoping to write about a little item I found in the news a few days back, but the forecast is not looking good, so I will forgive you for not checking in again in the immediate future.  That will give you time to consider as to whether or not you should sell any shares of Apple stock you may currently own.  The word that the Smiths own an iPod is sure to hit the market any moment now…

8 thoughts on “Startling Evidence: iPods to become obsolete

  1. I would say welcome to the 21st century, but seeing as how I don’t yet own a cell phone, I might as well be living in Medieval times.

  2. kildrum

    Now a matching black MacBook duo in your lap would look soooooo cool!

    But you are right; the iPod is giving way to 80GB iPhones shortly.

    A couple of nights ago I spent an entire evening with the Genius Maximus (GM) at the Apple Store in North Park and got the most concrete evidence to date that the scourge of Windows [Soft]ware may be ready to disappear into a bottomless pit forever… at least from my office. There’s just so much of it out there that it might take a bottomless pit to contain the entire ‘if in doubt reboot’ [Soft]ware and half baked Windows OS. Vista is a case in point. I understand Headquarters isn’t going for it. And I sent mine back weeks ago.

    [Note: Intense feelings about Windows understood, some of the more “colorful metaphors” in this comment have been slightly modified a bit with an eye toward Colossians 3:8 & Ephesians 4:29. 🙂 — WGS]

  3. Craig Marley

    Gone over to the dark side, eh? LOL. I predict that Wallace Smith will take over said dark iPod from wife, and use it to download lots of free podcasts from iTunes. There is just a huge wealth of Nasa and other scientific podcasts that you could be viewing/listening on your “downtime.” You might even justify it by claiming the gathering of info for future TW broadcasts. 🙂

    kildrum has a point. Check here: But at twice the price!? Only rich Texans can afford. But Jobs could still come out with a widescreen iPod and drop the price.

    If you find iPod taking over your life and decide to repent and throw it out the window, throw it my way. I’d luv a black one to match my black MacBook. LOL

  4. Well, you see, all this illustrates why I haven’t jumped on the technology treadmill any more than I’ve absolutely had to. For example, I don’t have a cell phone and likely never will. (Just between you, me and the Klingon at the end of the bar, I’m waiting for the United Federation of Planets to be founded and the Starfleet communicator to come out.) 😉

  5. For the record: The above comment from Mr. Wheeler (יוחנן רכב) was sent in by smoke signal.

    — WGS

    P.S. Forget the communicator — give me a tricorder!

  6. Actually, Sir Smith, that’s not true. It was sent in by potsherd. (Ever hear of the Lachish Letters?) 😉

    Yeah, I’ll take a tricorder. Actually, I’ll take a replicator first.

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