Yes, I did say bugs…

Well, we’re almost back from the Lake Truman campout.  We’re in a hotel tonight in a different part of Missouri waiting to take care of some business in this area, then we’re off to St. Louis for further business, then finally home.

The campout was fantastic, and I really do appreciate the efforts of all those who helped coordinate it and put the details together.  The attendance count for Sabbath services was 91, which these days means it was about the same size as some Feast sites!  The actual attendance at the campout was at least three higher than that, since my wife and two of our boys were kept behind at our tent out of concern of illness.  (Thankfully, the way it has played out it really seems it was due to Boy #3’s super-duper sensitive stomach rather than illness, but I’d rather be safe than sorry and really didn’t want to risk spreading anything.)

And as for bugs: oh yeah.  Now, I don’t mind bugs, in general.  Considering that the world is virtually covered in the many denizens of the insect world, they are an unavoidable part of camping.  But there is one bug that unnerves me above all others — the tick.  Little name, big time creepiness.  And the tick was very present at the campout this year.  Actually, some of the ticks out there at Lake Truman were the smallest ticks I have ever seen in my life.

Only after the campout did I discover that we had some tick repellant spray among our many camping accoutrements.  (We don’t go camping enough to be familiar with the items we possess, but I don’t think I will forget that one next time!)

One thing I learned: being a guy and having hair on my arms and legs made for a real effective “tick alarm.”  I will try to remember to thank God for the whole “being a normal, hairy guy” thing later today. 🙂

I’m afraid that will have to be all for now — if I don’t get sleepy head Boy #3 to the lobby in the next 10 minutes, he’ll get no free hotel breakfast.  I hope to get back to regular posting in the next few days.  Camping was nice, but it is good to get back to civilization!

Again, thanks to all who made the campout a great success!  It really was fantastic.

4 thoughts on “Yes, I did say bugs…

  1. We only found 3 on our dog at the park, which was gross enough, but I found 2 crawling on me while de-ticking him. Then as we were leaving, I was telling someone about the ones on the dog and as I made a hand gesture, there was another one crawling on my finger! Of course, none of this compares to the year we camped near Joplin and took a short nature walk only to be completely inundated by them. We ended up running half of the trail after finding 20-30 crawling on each of us in only a 20-minute time span! Just telling this story makes any itch or hair movement susceptible to being checked. 🙂

  2. Deano

    Well, it sounds like things could’ve really ticked a person off – so it looks like you’re not doin’ too bad … LOL

  3. Merrilee

    FWIW – My husband and I have been avid campers for many years in the remote wilderness. We’ve seen many a tick and used the common means of suffocating them with fire or whatever handy chemical we had to encourage them to get out “on their own”. However, we recently learned from a doctor that the best way to remove a tick is with tweezers. Supposedly, it doesn’t matter if the head is left behind in your skin because all of the diseased, yucky stuff is in their abdomen. Burning them or suffocating them causes them to vomit all that gunk right into your bloodstream. The head is like a sliver that often times comes out on its own.

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