That’s going to be one BIG encyclopedia…

Just a very quick note while I have a few moments.  Anyone out there heard of the new “Encyclopedia of Life”?  It’s an effort to catalog every single known species on the planet in a single resource on the internet.  Take some time to look at their early page:

The video looks promising.  I know that it will get spoiled with some Evolutionism stuff, but I’ll admit that I’m excited.  Ever since I was a kid and watched Carl Sagan (or, for those Evolutionism adherents out there, St. Carl) on the PBS series Cosmos — which was a seminal event of my youth, I must say — I have been fascinated by the idea of an “Encyclopedia Galactica,” or something of the sort.  This EOL has that sort of feel.  At least, it seems more Encyclopedia Galactica than it does Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (though, if the entry on homo sapiens ends up saying “mostly harmless,” I may need to reevaluate).

2 thoughts on “That’s going to be one BIG encyclopedia…

  1. Yes, one of the local brethren tipped me off about this site. The concept looks awesome.

    I think the entomologist who started the thing needs some talking to about what the Bible says, however…if he’s the same one interviewed by NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC some time ago. More to follow, if I have the time.

  2. Craig Marley

    Has the potential to be really significant and is an example of how technology can be used to benefit. Some might argue that Wikipedia will eventually become the “Encyclopedia Galactica”. But we will have to greatly edit Wikipedia in the Millennium to make man’s knowledge compatible with God’s knowledge.

    Love Carl too, but I would have loved to have talked to him before his death. He looked for a religion that would go beyond man’s parochial religious concepts and encompass the universe. Ours is the only one! But it is only given to the Firstfruits to understand at this time.

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