Mixture of Iron and Clay killing Galileo

Wow — reading that headline I just wrote, I notice that it seems odd without any context.  Maybe Galileo needs to watch his diet.

Actually, as some of you would have guessed, the “Galileo” in question is the ambitious European answer to America’s Global Positioning System.  I remember first reading about it in T. R. Reid’s book The United States of Europe:The New Superpower and the End of American Supremacy.  As initially conceived, it really stood a chance of giving the U.S. a good thrashing in the market currently dominated by our GPS.  Reid predicted as much.

Yet for the moment, it looks as though the thrashing will have to wait since it seems Europe can’t get its act together.  In an article yesterday in the Financial Times (“Showdown looms over Europe’s satellite navigation system,” May 9, 2007), Andrew Bounds writes of the travails:

“The north-south conflict lies at the heart of the current deadlock. Two rival consortiums bidding to build and operate Galileo were merged into one in 2005 so that the EU’s big members all got a slice of the cake.

“But the consortium – comprising European aerospace giant EADS, France’s Thales and Alcatel-Lucent, Britain’s Inmarsat, Italy’s Finmeccanica, Spain’s AENA and Hispasat, and a German group led by Deutsche Telekom – has not been able to agree on the division of labour and wants guarantees of a return on its investment.”

We are told of the final revival of the Roman Empire to immediately precede the return of Christ:

“As you saw iron mixed with ceramic clay, they will mingle with the seed of men; but they will not adhere to one another, just as iron does not mix with clay.”

Daniel 2:43

Germany has “backed plans for extra public subsidies to fund the project and hinted at its military purpose,” the article points out.  Needless to say, the UK — as well as some other northern EU states — are a bit concerned about that idea.

Prophecy is clear: Germany (Assyria) will continue to grow in its role as leading nation of the EU; the member states will continue to bicker and mix as poorly as iron and clay until they decide for a time that the benefit to be gained by their unity outweighs their other concerns (Revelation 17:12-13);  and the UK (Ephraim) will increasingly find itself at odds with its increasingly powerful neighbor.  Galileo or no, we don’t need a GPS to see where we are in God’s prophetic plans.

What are you thinking?

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