In Charlotte, again (and hoping my brain will catch up)

Well, I made it to Charlotte today (Sunday) and am looking forward to working on the new telecast, as well as getting my brain wrapped around various aspects of pre-teen camp about which I am confused (a state into which I easily enter…).  To those of you who were praying for a safe trip on my behalf, it did, indeed, go very smoothly — muchos thankos! (he says, displaying his breathtaking foreign language skills…)

I have the privilege of visiting with the Kings this week, as Mr. King is also here to tape some telecasts.  Actually, this will be the first time that all four of the Tomorrow’s World telecast presenters have been together since they added Mr. King and me to the “roster.”  It really is a privilege, as I greatly respect Mr. and Mrs. King, and the fact that I am getting to work so closely with these three men–Mr. Roderick Meredith, Mr. Richard Ames, and Mr. Rod King–continues to humble me.

I will be humbled further if I cannot finish this script I am working on before I have to tape it this week!  Unfortunately, my brain did not seem to make the connecting flight in Chicago.  Though, hopefully they will find it in some dusty corner of O’Hare International Airport and put it on the next flight to Charlotte.  (It may be a hard brain to work with, but I am rather fond of it.  Plus, I forgot to bring a spare.)

Until my telecast taping is wrapped up at the end of this week, I may not be able to post too frequently or even to visit the blog much for the sake of comment moderation.  I will try, though — please forgive me if your comments are delayed a bit more than usual.

For now, the nice comfy pillow in the other room is gently and sweetly calling to my previously described brainless head and requesting an opportunity for the two of them to spend some time together, and I think I will oblige.  Before that, though, I will watch, one more time, a DVD that my wife snuck into my suitcase before I left (though she really didn’t have to “sneak” it in considering that she did all my packing for me last night while I was, as usual, on the laptop working).  It is a homemade DVD featuring a slide show of photos of my wife and kiddos with various “I miss you, Daddy” text boxes thrown in here and there.  She’s such a neat lady.  Why she wants to hang around with me I am not sure, but I sure did get the better end of the deal!

Take care, and I will post when I can.

2 thoughts on “In Charlotte, again (and hoping my brain will catch up)

  1. Dear Mr. Smith,

    All blessings on your endeavors and those of your fellow presenters. It’s because you are all as humble as you are that God is able to work through you despite your humanity. (That’s true of us all, as I don’t need to explain.)

    I suspect that your wife and children think THEY got the better end of the deal. 🙂 Well, that’s what “esteeming others better than oneself” leads to — people mutually excelling each other. 😉

  2. william henry wilson

    You remind me of David in Psa 119 when he often writes of “longing for” the creative application of God’s mind and thinking in his future life and endeavors; and of certainly not being swamped, trapped or engulfed every single waking moment by his present state – whether it was good or whether it was less than he would have liked.

    To be solely taken up with the present can deprive one of hope and, instead, a Burnout Syndrome can often take root along side its bedfellow, Discouragement.

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