New Commentary on Hope

The Tomorrow’s World website features a new commentary by Richard Ames concerning hope in light of the recent shootings at Virginia Tech (which the papers now say have claimed 33 lives if you include the gunman).  Of all the topics that could have been addressed in a small commentary, I do believe that Mr. Ames has chosen wisely — Jesus Christ has real hope to offer the world, and times like these remind us how vital it really is to have hope.

Here is a link to the commentary: Is There Any Hope?

One thought on “New Commentary on Hope

  1. william henry wilson

    Earlier this evening I went to the only 24/7 Post Office in Dallas in order to get some Information Technology rebate coupons off on a timely manner. A TV (I typically never watch TV at all) in the general service area was tuned to where people were making comment upon yesterday’s shootings and much to do was being made about very little.

    And even less sense was being made of it.

    It all seemed a commercial promotion of sorts.

    Time is of the essence and redeeming it never more urgent.

    After all the commercialism has been milked out of yesterday’s unfortunate incident, most people will go on like it was a non-event with nary a person taking it to heart but perhaps for the families touched personally. The blame will have been fixed and the rest of us absolved as a civilization. But all of Jacob is going to be touched personally since he will learn no other way. Indeed, the Seventh Last Plaque will touch the entire world personally for the exact same reason… but a few will be chosen to be saved out of it. Many are called. Few are chosen.

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