Lame apology (from me) and an Al Jazeera clip

Howdy, all.  I so wanted to post something worthwhile, today, but I feel awful.  I didn’t think I had a fever until just a few moments ago, when my wife hugged me and commented that I was “radiating” (no, I don’t think she said “radiant”…).

My legs feel weird, my head hurts… yuck.  My mother (who happened to call about an hour ago) reminded me that I used to stay up too late too many nights in a row and do this to myself when I was in high school, and I do think that may be the culprit this time, too.  I’ve tried to get extra sleep, today, but if I do any more of that I think my head will explode.  Still, I will try to get to bed at a decent time tonight, and hopefully that will help.

Sorry — I know it is lame to post purely for the purposes of explaining why there is no decent post.  Perhaps I will move from knowledge to wisdom in such matters soon.  🙂  But until then, let me at least put up some unoriginal content that you might appreciate.

This afternoon, someone sent me the link below to video of a discussion on Al Jazeera, which I found very interesting.  Essentially, it is a secular Arab-American woman, Wafa Sultan, who is apparently a psychologist from Los Angeles, attacking the belief among many Muslims that current global “problems” are being caused by “Christians” and Jews and not by Muslims.  I can’t vouch for the translation given at the bottom of the screen other than to say (1) it sure seemed to match the facial expressions, (2) I heard the few Arabic words that I do know at the same time that I saw their proper translation on the screen, and (3) the organization apparently responsible for the translation, MEMRI, has normally seemed to me to be very respectible in such things.  Here’s the link (a Windows Media File):

I hope you enjoy it!  Al Jazeera is not my first choice in news providers, and the clip is edited in such a way as to feature the woman speaking.  I would have enjoyed seeing the comments made by her opponents, as well, however.  Perhaps if you are feeling ambitious (the opposite of how I currently feel, by the way) you could look up the entire exchange on the MEMRI website, if it is available.

Take care, and I hope to return to posting as soon as I can get these whole “Seven Laws of Radiant Health” things straight…

2 thoughts on “Lame apology (from me) and an Al Jazeera clip

  1. william henry wilson

    Wafa gets my nod for the Most Effective Speaker’s Cup in All Comers Speech Contest – TW television presenters excluded!

    Perhaps we should invite her to lecture at Spokesman Club some time! LOL

    And speed the day when demons will no longer rule this present evil world.

    Get well sooooooooooooooooooooon!

  2. Greetings, and I echo your sentiments! Sadly, many stations we go on would likely not allow the presenters to say some of those things, thinking it too insensitive to Muslim sensibilities.

    (Also, thanks for the well wishes, and I am feeling better this morning. Around 87%, I’d say.)

    Best regards,
    Wallace Smith

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