The sad journey of Great Britain continues

Some of you might have wondered how I can fail to comment on the situation concerning the British sailors taken by Iran.  I do, indeed, see the fiasco as a part of God’s continuing to break the “pride of our power” (Lev. 26:19).  It is hard to realistically imagine a more humbling outcome to the whole affair, just as it is hard to see it as anything other than a win for Iran and a sad lessening of a former empire that truly at one time earned the title “Great.”

I may be an American, but I love singing, “Rule Britannia!”  It’s a stirring (and admittedly prideful) tune that dutifully inflates the chest!  But I don’t see those words applying to our brother Ephraim these days, and singing the song just won’t feel the same anymore.

Rather than add my own commentary, I thought it would be good to pass on a couple of links to some very insightful commentary by others.  In fact, I like their commentary so much that were I to comment too much myself I would probably be at risk of accidentally plagiarizing them!

First, consider reading Mark Steyn’s “Iran’s Bluff Humbles Britain” (published 4/8/2007 on the Chicago Sun-Times website).

Worthwhile, as well, is the take of Dennis Prager’s 4/10/2007 column “Britain Was Once Great Britain” — which covers not only the situation itself, but also the astonishingly sad way in which it has played out since the sailors’ return.

Ephraim (the UK) and Manasseh (the US) are facing a hard road ahead of them, but it is of their own making.  God notices those who “sigh and cry” over the godless state of our nations (cf. Ezekiel 9:4), and incidents such as this make sighing and crying, sadly, that much easier.

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2 thoughts on “The sad journey of Great Britain continues

  1. Deano

    Her adversaries have become the master, her enemies prosper; for the Eternal has afflicted her because of the multitude of her transgressions …. Lamentations 1:5

  2. The only good thing I can recall is that the UK changed its mind about allowing the sailors to sell their stories.

    Not only are British public schools discouraged from teaching about the Holocaust (see Mr. Praeger’s article), but the British Government is beginning to put absurd pressures on both Jewish and Christian religious schools, without consultation from the appropriate religious authorities. I don’t recall it doing likewise to Muslim schools or anyone else’s. But then, Jews and Christians in the West typically don’t throw temper tantrums en masse when someone offends them.

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