Dennis Miller quip on the “War on Terror”

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch today (Wednesday, April 11) published a brief Q & A with Dennis Miller, prompted by the fact that his talk radio program is now available on weekdays from 10AM to 1PM on 1190AM, KRFT.  (You can read it for yourself here.)

I stopped listening to talk radio a few years ago because, while I tended to agree with most of what I heard, I decided that I could make better use of the time I spent in my car.  So, as a matter of principle, I am unlikely to tune in to much of Mr. Miller.  (Though, in my own opinion, what I’ve heard from him before is hilarious, and I suspect that I would be highly entertained if I were to tune in.  But, that brings up a topic I’d rather save for another day…)

The motivation behind making this entry (which I wanted to keep very brief, as I am in the middle of something else) was Dennis Miller’s comment on suicide bombing — in particular, the use of a people’s youth and children for such horrible attacks.  In a very Miller-ish comment in the article, I think he does a great job of highlighting the dramatic difference in the mindset of America’s enemies today compared to that of the enemies from our more “glorious” past…

“Not only do they fly planes into buildings, they wire up their own kids to bombs. You could’ve gone into the bunker with Hitler and Goering and suggested they wire their kids to explode, and they’d have said, ‘Hey, let’s slow down. That’s a little crazy.'”

Is he right?  Hitler and Goering’s opinions are certainly debatable (though I don’t recommend a trip to Endor, a lá 1 Samuel 28:7, to seek an answer), but his point should be heeded.  It really is a different world.  And as long as we as a nation continue to seek a solution that does not involve turning wholeheartedly to God — continuing to place our national faith in our muscles, and our guns, and our diplomacy, and our “allies” — we will continue to experience more and more of this new world, regardless of how much we want to pretend we were still in the old one.

We are Israel.  God will break the pride of our power (Leviticus 26:19) unless there is national repentance.  And while this is hard to say, it is true and must be said: A nation that will not come under the shed blood of Jesus Christ will continue to experience the shed blood of its sons and daughters.

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