INCREDIBLE Animation of the World Inside a Cell

Credit where credit is due: I first came across the animation linked to below on a blog called Biosingularity, a blog by a Singularitarian that covers large or rapid advances in biotechnology and the like.

Regrettably, the link to the video went dead there; but by nosing around I have found it on its creators’ site.  If your computer can handle it (and the original site offers three speeds for various connections), I highly recommend watching it.  If you have ever wondered what is going on in each of your multiple trillions of microscopic little cells, this animation shrinks you down to the size of a protein and gives you a front row seat.  While I have seen a good number of “cartoonish” animations that strive to demonstrate various aspects of the intercellular world, this one really seems to strive for realism as much as is possible — which only serves to make the animation all the more remarkable.

Some of you have heard a sermon I’ve given on the amazing complexities of “life” inside a living cell.  I’ve never seen a video that quite brings it life like this one.  Please, do watch and enjoy — and remember: as “intelligent” as the activity you see may seem, it is not managed by computers or Intel microprocessors.  These molecules do what they have no choice but to do.  A protein doesn’t think, “Hey, I’ve got to attach to this DNA strand here and use it as a blueprint to create some new proteins…”  All of the work, the reshaping, the reconfiguring, the transporting, the communicating, the composing and decomposing, the identifying, the “reading” and manufacturing — it all happens “automatically,” in a beautiful but invisible dance in obedience to the laws of physics and chemistry, on trillions of microscopic dance floors in your body.  All keeping you alive, from one breath to the next. 

Most of you reading my blog will have a verse such as Romans 1:20 in mind, and the knowledge that “His invisible attributes are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made…”  Others will think, “I am fearfully and wonderfully made,” as David remarked in his meditations, recorded for us in Psalm 139:14.  I’m not sure that the creators of this video will agree with us, but it seems wonderfully apparent to me as I watch the video that our God is a designer of awesome and terrifying power.

To view the movies, you may need a recent version of Apple’s Quicktime and/or a Flash Macromedia PlugIn.  If you do not have these, then the site gives you links where you may download them.  If that is still a problem, then you may consider the YouTube link I have included below, as well, submitted there by “megh2748.”  I don’t think the YouTube version’s graphics are quite as clear, but I could be wrong (and they are still quite good, regardless).

Anyway enough of me (or too much of me!), here are the links:

The original site:
(click on “Media” at the bottom right, then choose the version corresponding to your computer’s download speed: Super Speed, High Speed, or Slow Speed)

[Actually, if you wait on this first screen long enough, a musical, abbreviated version of the film will begin to show without the film’s usual narration.  If I admitted that watching that film almost brings me to tears at times, then you would probably think me a bit too geeky for my own good, so I will refrain from admitting that.]

But if the original site is not working for you and you fear downloading the Quicktime or Macromedia components you need to make it work, you might try the YouTube video linked to below:

I hope you enjoy it and that you agree that it lives up to my “hype.”  I really do find the film personally moving, and if that earns me an odd label or two, well, they wouldn’t be the first I’ve collected. 

It’s my understanding from their website that the creators of this film have won an award for their work.  If so, I believe they deserve it.  I only hope we give the Creator of the real thing the accolades He deserves, as well.

(Now, I’m going to watch the little “music video” version of the film one more time, then I’m hitting the sack.  Good night, and I hope that everyone’s preparation for the Passover and the Days of Unleavened Bread is going well!)

4 thoughts on “INCREDIBLE Animation of the World Inside a Cell

  1. Don Wood

    Thank you for sharing this video. It was excellent!

    If you don’t already own them, I highly recommend that you buy the following DVD’s for your family: “Unlocking the Mystery of Life” and “The Privileged Planet”. I watch them on a fairly regular basis, and I never cease to be amazed at the fact that our Father and Brother are operating on a level of genius that is so far beyond our comprehension that there is simply no comparison.

  2. Dear Mr. Smith,

    As astonishing as the animation in those two films are (I own them both), the animation of what goes on in a cell by these people puts it in the shade. I didn’t cry at either the full version or the musical version — I was struck dumb. (Of all the amazing things shown, that walking “motor protein” astonishes me the most.)

    Rhetorical questions come to mind:

    How do they find things like this out?
    How do they figure out how to animate them so brilliantly?
    How can anyone in their right mind believe in naturalistic evolution after discovering, animating and viewing things like this?

  3. pilo

    i was looking for a material to support a lesson i am preparing regarding the topic of clean and unclean animals. God is indeed is Amazing! THE CREATOR indeed.
    what will you fuel this very intricately, minutely, fearfully, wonderfully designed body? see the list of the fuel in Leviticus 11 and Deuteronomy 14.

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