We’re back… Mostly…

Howdy, all!  My family and I are back safe and mostly sound from our Texas trip, and I thank those of you who prayed for safe travel on our behalf.  The “mostly” in the title and the previous sentence refers to the slight state of discombobulation that I usually feel in the first day or so after such trips — I assume that others suffer from this, as well, after such trips.  But, I think that I will be 100% normal (whatever “100% normal” means) in a day or so.  Maybe three days.  Or a month-ish.

I have much that I would like to write about, and during the long drive last night (we left Dallas about 4:00pm and pulled in at 1:51am this morning) I thought of numerous things I wanted to spend some ink on (or at least some electrons), but it will have to wait until other matters are taken care of.  Let me use this forum, however, to let the many of you who called or e-mailed to leave me a message over the last few days know that I am getting to your request.  I’ve got a good bit to wade through, but you’re on the list — so take courage!

It really is good to be back, and I look forward to posting something later today or tomorrow.  And, yes, I am fairly certain that the post will not contain any math.  Or at least not much.

What are you thinking?

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