Two quick links…

Howdy!  My family and I made it safely to Waco, Texas — making it in about 6:45am this morning.  My eyes feel like they are inhabited by a colony of ants.  Wearing golf shoes.

Here are a couple of links.  One full of nerd glory, and the other an interesting little article about how we came to this point in prophecy concerning the future Beast power.

On the nerd glory front, it seems that some mathematicians have solved a 248-dimensional math puzzle (and you thought three dimensions were fun!).  The resulting solution contains more information that the human genome.  Wow!  Here’s the link (warning: those with a math allergy will want to avoid 🙂 ) —

(Note the article’s comment: The mathematical situation arose in the 19th century, yet physicits are now discovering that it is highly relevant to their studies of string theory, et al. (“What is reality?” sorts of questions.)  Isn’t math cool?)

On the Beast power front, the BBC has a brief article about the history of the European Union.  Here’s the link to that article:

I like the introductory comments…

“The European Union claims it has secured peace among historical enemies, spread democracy to its neighbours and created a new model of international co-operation.

“But none of that was pre-ordained.”

“None of that was pre-ordained.”  Hmmmm…  Get our booklets The Beast of Revelation: Myth, Metaphor, or Soon-Coming Reality? and Revelation: The Mystery Unveiled!, and you might disagree with that comment!  (Copies can be ordered by mail here.)

 [Thanks to HW for sending me the first article, which had a link to the second!]

2 thoughts on “Two quick links…

  1. Nooooo, not character tables!! That was one of the things I never quite undestood last semester in Representation Theory. At any rate, it’s pretty cool how many things in mathematics can be solved by computers these days.

  2. I was hoping to send you a link to THE ECONOMIST’s current cover story about the 50th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome (and about an upcoming “portentious statement” to be issued at the celebration of that anniversary in Berlin). Unfortunately, that is premium online content, and I subscribe to too much already. Hopefully someone in Charlotte can access this article, in print or online.

    Blessings in Messiah,
    John Wheeler

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