Quick Unleavened Bread Cleaning Observation

I have about one foot and three toes out the door on my way to a counseling session, but I could not help but report the following very quickly.

Since my family and I will be out of town all next week, we are diving into our Unleavened Bread cleaning a little early, and we like to involve our children as much as possible.  While doing his assigned part, I overheard my nine-year-old (Boy #1) say the following — essentially to himself as he worked:

“Feel my wrath, dust!”

I know — very funny to me, not so to the rest of the world.  🙂  Actually, he said something else very funny, but I will not include it out of concern that it might embarass him.  Still, it was a hoot.

If you have kids, yourself, I hope that you are including them in your Unleavened Bread cleaning — and helping them see the lessons God intends for us in those days related to getting sin out of our lives.  I have not been perfect at this, but my wife and I have strived to do a good job of it.  While we were working on the living room, my son asked me to lift something so he could get at the dust under it.  I unthinkingly answered that it is probably fine if we skip it.  “Dad,” he responded, “if we’re getting sin out, we want to get it all.”

Yes, Dad was chastised.  (He’s getting good at that sort of thing…)

Alright — time to put my other two toes out the door too!

2 thoughts on “Quick Unleavened Bread Cleaning Observation

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