From the Department of Obviousness…

I write this very brief post tonight not because I am trying to refute the “Man did it!” side of the Global Warming debate.  Rather, it is simply that when this article was sent to me by a frequent reader of this blog (for which he has my thanks), the title jumped out at me as something that I thought was surely a spoof:

“Sun Blamed for Warming of Earth and Other Worlds”

My initial reaction: What’s next — Moon Blamed for Tides?  Earth’s Rate of Rotation Blamed for Length of Day?  Salt Blamed for Ocean Water’s Very Unpleasant Taste?

Anyway, the article is an interesting read.  It seems that Earth is not the only planet in the solar system experiencing global warming — Mars, Jupiter, and others are also seeing what might be a rise in temperature.  (Perhaps the “Jesus Tomb” team can help us calculate the probability of this being a coincidence.)

7 thoughts on “From the Department of Obviousness…

  1. Deano

    Wow! That would be interesting if it is true. I have always figured that man’s abuse of the earth was at least part of the cause of global warming tying into Jeremiah where He speaks of man being corrected by his own backsliding and such. However, if what is said in this article or blog is true … hmm; it would definately put the emphasis on God’s hand at work wouldn’t it?

  2. Howdy, Deano —

    I don’t think that there can be any doubt that man has some sort of negative effect on the earth due to poor stewardship. Revelation 11:18 said that Christ is coming, among other reasons, to “destroy those who destroy the earth,” and I see no reason to exclude our often cavalier abuse of the earth’s resources as a part of that “destruction.”

    However, I also think that the reaction of the climatologists in the article is interesting. In may ways, they attack Mr. Abdussamatov in the same way they decry being attacked by “man-made global warming” doubters. (The cool-headed scientific evaluation, “That’s nuts,” referenced in the article comes to mind.) It is remarkable how few seem open-minded in the matter — on either side of the issue.

    Given prophecy and the “facts on the ground,” I think time will confirm elements of both camps: Yes, man has had a painfully negative effect on the world in which we live and has exercised his stewardship in a horrible fashion when all things are considered; and, yes, God’s hand of protection and Christ’s stabilizing word (Heb. 1:3) has also been withdrawn to a significant extent, allowing us to experience how truly feeble we are in the presence of things we cannot control.

    We will see. (Whether we want to or not!)

    Thanks for the comment!

    — Wallace Smith

  3. I think it’s funny in the article how they dismiss the change in the sun’s power of “a tenth of a percent” of solar output. I looked on one website which pegged that number at somewhere around 4×10^26 watts. So taking a tenth of a percent of that number yielded 400 billion trillion watts. Yeah, I’m sure that increase would have no major effect on earth or other planets. 🙂

  4. It will be interesting to see if the Hebrew Unicode characters show up in the name box. There’s only one way to find out.

    It never occurred to me (when I sent the link) that the name of the page was straight out of the Department of Obviousness (mostly because I was chairing the Dept. of Obliviousness when I sent it). The site does like to play with words in its titles, and sooner or later they come up with combinations like that one.

    Here is another link from the same site:

    Global Warming or Just Hot Air? A Dozen Different Views

  5. I read this blog entry and did a little Internet searching and found a recent article dated February 11, 2007 from The Sunday Times website TimesOnline you might find very interesting. Interesting for two reasons:

    1. There maybe a real alternative specific explanation for “global-warming” that has been proven experimentally.

    2. This issue is becoming very politically divisive where alternative viewpoints are ridiculed and even suppressed.

    the URL to the article is:

    To summarize, it seems a Danish scientist has discovered by analyzing weather satellite data that cosmic rays bombarding the earth cause or increase cloud formation around the earth which help to decrease global temperatures. Put another way, a decrease in cosmic rays striking the earth decreases or inhibits cloud formation and therefore global temperatures would rise. The article goes on to describe an experiment he performed which proved his theory correct.

    Since Al Gore’s politically correct win at the Oscars, I have been thinking about this issue more. This issue is really disturbing to me as an American and as a believer in the “birthright” promises from God to Abraham fulfilled in us.

    According to the statistics we Americans are overwhelmingly the greatest contributor to the greenhouse gases that are supposedly solely responsible for global warming that I now believe is happening. If that is true, the disturbing question I have is this:

    Why would God authorize and help raise up the industrial might and wealth of this nation to fulfill the birthright promises and yet not give somebody at least a hint during the late 18th or early 19th century that global-warming was a real possibility down the road that may lead to major global climate disruptions and irreversible global disaster?

    I agree that we Americans in the past because of greed or hastiness have not been good “stewards” of the environment. It just seems incomprehensible to me that God would not provide a way to prevent us from making major mistakes without giving us clear scientific or technological choices. I refuse to believe God is that capricious or insensitive in a national sense.

    Was there a momentous or major scientific discovery or technological advance that occurred in the past few decades but because of extreme greed or governnmental conflict of interest or corruption was suppressed?

    Maybe solar power, fusion power or hydrogen fuel-cell power should have been pursued more aggressively in the 1960s or 1970s but I don’t recall any major scandal that involved these technologies.

    Because of the political divisiveness of this issue, I can somehow see the United States becoming even more hated, if that’s possible, and even a greater scapegoat for natural disasters that is somehow linked to global-warming.

  6. Howdy, James, and thanks for your comment!

    I’ve heard of some of this research, and it’s part of why I feel that the truth is “a little from Column A and a little from Column B.” Unfortunately, man’s biases tend to infect his research, and it is hard to tell which group of scientists is the least biased. (While I believe the Danes are on to something, I would need much more than their results to accept a complete overturning of the broad (though not unanimous) consensus that man’s activities are making a difference in global warming – modification, perhaps, but not a complete overturning.)

    I appreciate your comments about the possible connection between America’s receiving of the birthright promises and whether or not God would have allowed things to progress this way. Let me address it just a bit, and hopefully you will find these comments helpful.

    God did, indeed, give Manasseh (America) a land rich with resources – one of the most resource rich pieces of real estate in the entire world. And the desire of some “environment worshippers” to make all industrial activity look like the very picture of evil, itself, is misplaced. If we have any hope at all of developing newer technologies that are more environmentally friendly, it will only be because we are building on what we learned through the less-environmentally friendly industry that preceded it, as well as through the wealth that the previous industry has generated and continues to generate.

    Yet, God is still working his 7,000 year plan with mankind, as well. From the moment Adam and Eve ate of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, mankind has chosen the path of deciding for himself what is good and has, in the largest part, ignored his need for the guidance of an Almighty God.

    Part of the lesson of these 6,000 years is that man does not have the foresight needed to make the best decisions all the time. Only God can accurately see the ramifications of every decision into the future centuries and millennia that will follow. Man, choosing to live according to his own insights, does not have that capability, so sometimes his choices are excellent in the short term (which can be decades or even centuries in some cases), but problematic in the long term.

    God is giving man 6,000 years to learn that his own wisdom, his own insight, and his own foresight is insufficient for his continued benefit and survival. God has fulfilled His promises and brought our nation into global prominence, but what we we’ve chosen to do with that prominence over the last 100-200 years has been completely up to us. God’s overall lesson plan hasn’t changed, and global warming may, at least in part, be a part of that lesson plan.

    I hope this is helpful!

    Best regards, and have a great Sabbath –
    Wallace Smith

  7. It is rather like the situation with the Pharaoh of the Exodus: why did God raise him up only to harden his heart, and then to judge him for his hard-heartedness? (Paul did say about that, “Who are you, O man, that you answer back to God?”, but leave that aside for now.)

    We were indeed given tremendous physical blessings in the U.S. and elsewhere. The fact is, we have had a mixed track record in using them, and in dealing with indigenous peoples too. Some opportunities we used very well and some we wasted terribly. I understand that Canada has had a much better track record in dealing with the Indians overall than the U.S. has had. What the U.S. did with the passenger pigeon, the buffalo and the prairie is inexcusable. (For one thing, the buffalo is much more suited to the native grassland than is the European bovine — and lo and behold, we now know it can be raised for food.) The arrogance of our dealing with the Mississippi Valley in the way we have has been directly or indirectly responsible for much tragedy, including the recent tragedy of New Orleans’s flooding. On the other hand, we have done countless things in a right and responsible way, enabling our nations to fulfill prophecy for the benefit of ourselves and the world.

    What has made the case-by-case difference? Quite simply, whether we have applied or not applied the basic spiritual and physical guidance given in the Bible — guidance that we have often known about but have either ignored or not thought and prayed through. We need not have foreseen all the possible consequences of the Industrial Revolution in order to have avoided those consequences. All we needed to remember was to balance (for example) “be fruitful, and multiply, and fill the earth, and subdue it” against “till the garden and keep it”. We could then have made correct choices at every step as our technology and opportunity allowed. We would’ve been walking by faith, not by sight as our Western history has led us to do.

    Another thing to consider is that not just our religious systems, but our civil systems have become increasingly resistant to God’s guidance. Parlimentary and republican governments are good at promoting the exploitation of natural resources because they encourage individual and corporate initiative, but by nature they keep God’s guidance at arm’s length at best — and the richer the societies they rule get, the farther the governments and societies keep God away from them.

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