A pre-production edit

One of the original ideas I had for this blog was to include items that were edited from Tomorrow’s World telecasts or articles for the sake of time or unity of theme, etc.  Well, in the telecast we taped about the God’s purpose for man (tentatively scheduled to air around April 8), there is a section in which I stressed the necessity of believing God with the innocence and faith of a child.  In my original drafts of this script, I related a tale about one of my children that really made an impression on me.  I removed that tale from the final draft of the script for the sake of time and because it really was unnecessary to make the point, but I would like to include it here.  Some of you parents out there may relate.

Once several years ago, now, my wife had planted a large garden — at least, large by our standards, as it was our first.  When our first tiny harvest arrived (mainly some spinach), we decided that — small as it was — we would take the firstfruits to the house of our minister, Mr. David Burson.  One, it was an excuse to see the Bursons, which was always a pleasure, and two, it would be a chance to teach our children about the example of giving the firstfruits to God.  So, we informed our kiddos that we were going to the minister’s house to give our firstfruits to God, and they dutifully scampered off to get their shoes on (a regular ritual before leaving the house, as usually no one has his shoes on at the time).  I stood there with our little box of leafy greens when Boy #1 came up to me (he usually gets his shoes on first) with a wondrous look on his face and asked, “How’s he going to do it?”

“What do you mean?” I responded.

“How’s he going to do it?  I mean, are the spinach leaves just going to float up…” he said, as he made a “spinach floating up to heaven” motion with his hands.  At that point, I realized that the “he” Boy #1 was talking about was really “He.”  He had heard me say that we were giving the firstfruits to God, and he took what I said completely literally.  The idea that God was going to reach down from heaven and “scoop up” these vegetables had him totally fascinated, and — as fantastic an idea as it may sound to you and me — to him God can do anything, and if Dad said He is going to come and get some vegetables, then that’s what He is going to do!

I learned a lot of things from that exchange.  For one thing, I learned to be more careful with my words, since my young children will take me quite a bit more literally than I might normally expect to be taken.  I also learned (or rather, had emphasized to me) that my children truly trust what I say, no matter how outlandish it may seem.  And when I think, now, of having the faith of a child, that story often comes to mind: loving God — our Father — and trusting Him so much, that I would believe what He says, no matter how outlandish it seems at the time.

[I also have realized that some such as Evolutionism’s current Pontifex Maximus Richard Dawkins would probably wish to have me tried for child abuse based on such a tale, but that is a blog for a different day.]

It pained me to cut that tale from the script, as I felt that was a neat illustration of childlike faith (though you are certainly free to disagree), but at least I can put it out here and feel a little better about it!

[In other news, I think I have finally discovered what I did wrong in trying to time a post I wrote way back in December.  I had written a post before leaving for the KC Regional Family Weekend and since I was going to be out of town for a few days, I thought it would be a good chance to experiment with WordPress’ ability to delay blog posts, so that it would appear during my absence.  I failed for some reason, and it did not show.  I tried again in January, and still it did not show.  Well, now I believe I have figured out my error, so I am going to try it again!  Hopefully the old post will appear this afternoon — I think it runs on GMT, so my timing may be a bit off.  If it doesn’t appear, then, rest assured, I will be revisiting the drawing board as I would really like to get this timed posting thing down pat.]

3 thoughts on “A pre-production edit

  1. Glen Dean

    Great story and example of child like faith. Reminds me of something I heard Mr. John Ogwyn say, “If we could just understand how much our Father in Heaven loves us, then we would never be afraid of anything.”

  2. Wow, what a great illustration of receiving the Kingdom like a little child. (I can hardly wait until you write about Prof. Dawkins — but you have more ideas than you can possibly blog about as it is!)

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