Attack of the 20-pound Chimichanga

OK, it wasn’t that big.  Still, it was huge… [By the way: I typed this earlier today in transit from Nashville to our sight-for-sore-eyes home.  We arrived here a short time ago, and as I am really looking forward to some serious Psalm 4:8 time, I am making this my only blog entry of the evening.  I will try to write more tomorrow after I have put my brain back together.  Thanks to all who prayed for a safe trip on our behalf!  I love Charlotte, but it is good to be back!  Oh — and By the Way #2: Perhaps the Missouri air has cleared my mind, but I figured out my syntax error and the equation in the “My favorite equation!” post should display correctly now for many of you.  And now, I return you to your regularly scheduled blog rambling…] On the way through Nashville we spent the night so that my family and I could spend the first part of the day strolling through the Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center (website here).  In my actuary days (which seem a lifetime or two ago) I spent many hours there during some actuarial seminars while I was progressing through exams over the years, and I found it to be one of the most beautiful indoor places I’ve ever been.  I know my world is rather small compared to many, but it remains one of my favorite places to be. Within the first 15 minutes of walking into the place about three-or-so years ago, I thought, “Wow, I wish I could bring my wife here.”  But since I was usually there on the “company dime” my family had never seen it.  Actually, even for this visit the price of a room was a bit steep, so we stayed at a nearby hotel that was more within our price range and drove there this morning. I will endeavor to include a few pictures from the Gaylord Opryland website below.  If they don’t show up – well, you’ll just need to travel to Nashville yourself!  (Actually, you can click here for their entire photo gallery, though the pictures don’t seem to do the place justice.)

Gaylord Delta Area at night

Gaylord Carden Conservatory Area

Gaylord Cascades Area

My son (Boy #2) commented, “Wow – when Jesus comes back, a lot of places might look like this!”  I heartily agreed.  Really Millennial in a number of ways. My confrontation with the Chimichanga occurred shortly after we left.  We had decided to eat at the Rainforest Café at the nearby Opry Mills mall, as I knew the kids would like the (loud) environment and they had never been to one before – so off we went. I really know better than to underestimate the size of American “portions,” but on occasion I forget.  This was such an occasion.  I ordered two “kids meals” to split amongst my four children, and they left satisfied without having eaten it all.  My wife and I made the mistake of ordering two separate entrées when we really should have gotten just one and split it.  When the Chimichanga arrived, I realized my mistake.  Oy.  It laid there on my plate, taunting me in its cheese covered voluptuousness. My wife and I ended up splitting the Chimichanga (beware whom you taunt!) and only picking at her dish.  We must have left around one-third of the food we ordered.  What a waste.  My wife (sitting next to me here in the car while I am typing – yes, she is driving) and I agree that we know better, and we will try not to forget again that “Supersize” is the default mindset of America when it comes to food.

4 thoughts on “Attack of the 20-pound Chimichanga

  1. william henry wilson

    Out of the mouths of babes and sucklings cometh forth wisdom!

    Your #2 son has it right!!

    It’s nigh time after all these years that we can pronounce the name of our Elder Brother – Jesus – without wincing or hiding behind the official title of Christ or thinking of some phony, baloney false ‘other’ j-e-s-u-s.

    It’s about time…

  2. Glen Dean

    It seems next to impossible to eat right if you go out to eat – ESPECIALLY when you go it alone. I heard or read somewhere that the average American eats three times what they actually need for sustenance each day.

    Glad you guys made it back home safe and sound.

  3. I agree with you and your son’s assessment of the resort. I had the pleasure of spending 4 days there 4 years ago for a conference. Luckily I was able to bring the family along with me, and my wife still gushes about the beauty of the place. I think I’ll be headed back there this coming January for another conference, and I’m looking forward to it. Glad to hear yall made it home safely.

  4. Even at Chinese restaurants around here in Houston, the portions are enormous. I keep on thinking that I must be depriving a whole peasant family in China of their dinner. If the Chinese (and Indians) all start eating like that, they will turn the Earth into a biological desert.

    If those photos of the resort don’t do it justice, then the reality must be mind-boggling. My world is in some ways even smaller than yours, but so far I’ve only seen certain places in Orlando and San Antonio that compare to this place, and even then they may not match it.

    (Speak for yourself, Mr. Wilson; I’ve been using “Jesus” — and when called for, even “Yeshua” — for quite a long time.) 🙂

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