Leaving Charlotte with Ominous Clouds Ahead

Well, my family and I are slowly getting our act together to leave Charlotte this morning.  We should be on the road before lunch time, I think, and headed in the direction of Gatlinburg.  We plan on taking a extra day to get back as a mini-vacation, although what we will be filling that day with is yet to be determined.

The “ominous clouds” in the title have nothing to do with the weather outside.  They refer, rather, to the weather in my laptop.  It seems to have developed a case of the sniffles, and at every boot up it attempts unsuccessfully to install about 17 Windows updates.  I have gathered from frustrating experience that if you attempt to do anything with the computer until the error message arrives & if you click “OK” on the error message instead of “Cancel” to “Debug” (which seems to do absolutely nothing), then you can say goodbye to having a functional laptop for a while.  It won’t even turn of unless you do so manually, which I hate doing and which I know is just wreaking all sorts of havok on the poor guy’s little silicon brain.  If you patiently wait for the error message, however, and click the right buttons, it seems to calm the little guy’s nerves, and you retain hope that you will be able to shut the computer off in the standard Windows-approved fashion (which, in a display of Microsoft’s brilliance, means clicking “Start”).

With my desktop at home, I don’t mind researching an error like this and taking risks to see if I can fix it myself, but with this laptop I feel a little more antsy about it.  Still, having to go through this annoying process every time I turn the laptop on is a little maddening — as is knowing that (A) I am not receiving updates (the lifeblood of Windows, it seems) and (B) there is a mysterious bug crawling around in there… taunting me…

I know the Proverbs say that a contentious wife is like a continual dripping.  I wonder if there is a Proverb that covers contentious operating systems…

As we will be on the road, I am not sure when I will be able to post again.  So, take care until then!

2 thoughts on “Leaving Charlotte with Ominous Clouds Ahead

  1. Ally


    I think if you CAN get one of those updates, you might never have that message come up again. I remember the version that did that all the time. (Now we have the version at the library that has to download something every night before it will turn off) But at home, we have Windows XP which no longer does that. I think enough people complained that MS designers deleted that from the successive versions. Now if we could just get McAfee to stop trying to download daily.

    Or – maybe we hit the right button somewhere that made that maddening little guy stop jumping up to download…….


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