Hope the power lasts long enough to finish this small post…

With all the ice in the area, our power has “flickered” a number of times in the last couple of days — everything dimming, computers turning off or rebooting, etc. We even lost power this morning about 5:00AM, but thankfully everything came back on in about 5-10 minutes. The kids have been excited and “prepared” — if prepared means not only getting all of our flashlights so that they would be easy to find, but also playing with them all so that the batteries are good and run down.

I foolishly allowed one of the boys (Boy #2) to venture out onto our icy porch and check out some things, only to have him slip and fall and bust his lip. Yes, Dad felt like dirt. He (the boy, not Dad) is a trooper, though, and seems to be doing well this morning. In fact, he was feeling much better by the time we had “services” (at home, since the weather prompted me to cancel services in all of our areas), big lip and all. And the “services” were great — a sermon by Mr. Meredith on seeking God and a few hymns, one of which was directed by Boy #3 with, you guessed it, a flashlight.

Perhaps the boys will be disappointed if the power never goes out and they don’t really need the flashlights before it is all said and done. Regardless, I hope that Ameren is concerned about the bad PR that would surround any big power outages and is putting that extra “umph” into preparedness.

Actually, yesterday I saw something I’ve never seen live before. I had gone out of the house a bit to the backyard to take a quick picture of something icy (I’m not sure what — it was all icy), when I heard this phenomenal cracking noise. I turned to my neighbor’s house just in time to see this huge limb — perhaps 20-30 feet long — succumb to the weight of its ice, break off from the tree, and crash into his fence. Fortunately it was not too high, and the fence seems none the worse for wear — and until the ice on our trees melts, it isn’t the safest time to check it out, anyway!

If any of you out there are reading this and are being affected by the ice storm, stay warm! I hope to catch up on some posting this morning. Power permitting, of course…

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